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    Semi-retired/ semi-professional musician, Now pursuing deep space knowledge, viewing, possible astrophotography and a deep understanding of how all this came to be & where it could be going. Other interests include spiritual pursuits, eclectic collecting, fine dining and the art of (philosophical) conversation,
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    Oakland CA - S.F. - Scranton, PA

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  1. Thanks for your encouragement, Wes. These first steps on the journey are the toughest. See you around the forums and night skies. ~ GiL
  2. Truly appreciate your input and, yes, I'm anxious to begin viewing the universe. Reading further into other, similar topics I believe I already have just about everything it takes. Here in the Northeastern US, Autumn nights are already a cool & cloudy so, other than a dew shield: warmth, comfort and patience are at the top of my list. Once again, thanks for your input and I'll meet you on the astral plane. ~ GiL
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, Doug ! Being completely new to this I must ask: What's the difference between Plossl's and "regular" eyepieces ? And you'd suggest using the 2x Barlow along with the (2) extra eyepieces ? At any rate, I don't think the addition of the dew shield, a 32mm and a 7mm planetary type will break my budget. (brand suggestions ?) Thanks again !
  4. Hello all. Thank you for taking a moment to read this & offer your suggestions/ advice. I'm sure my basic question has been asked many times: "In your opinion or experience, what are the first, most important, necessary accessories I should add in order to maximize the the use and ease of a newly acquired Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT ? I have a power supply adapter, 9mm,10mm, 25mm eyepieces, 2x Barlow and 90 degree diagonal mirror adaptor. With a modest budget and a 2 week deadline, I've researched numerous reviews and narrowed some choices to additional Plossl eyepieces, an assortment of fil
  5. So, I pulled the trigger and purchased a Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT, "used/ renewed" sold and shipped by Amazon.com (Prime). I'm very new to all of this having purchased a Celestron 76EQ a few months ago, adding a 2x Barlow and NexYZ smart phone adapter (mainly for a larger viewing device). It's been terribly frustrating getting it calibrated to start with among other challenges. I'm located in northeast Pennsylvania surrounded by tall trees and bright streetlights from the NE to the SW and my W to NW view overlooks a light-polluted downtown. My timing was not the best either, having begun this
  6. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll look iy up on Amazon right now.
  7. Hi, Mike. From CA to Wales ? And I thought my relocation from CA to PA was drastic. The time zone difference is challenging to keep up with replies, so you must be a night owl.
  8. Truly appreciate the welcome, especially from a staff moderator. So glad to be a part of this exciting journey.
  9. Hello, Steve and thanks for your warm welcome. Amazing to receive replies so quickly, especially from "across the pond". Your list of equipment is impressive and helpful in choosing the right path in this exciting new world of wonder.
  10. Appreciate your warm welcome., @laudropb Seasonal atmospheric conditions aren't ideal for skywatching here in northeast US either.
  11. HI, Peter. Thanks for your welcome. Your photo gallery shows many amazing examples of your work. I can only hope to reach a fraction of the knowledge & experience you've exhibited. Cheers !
  12. Greetings, Soacecake2 ! Thanks for taking a moment to understand my situation and introducing yourself. Hope to keep in touch and share each other's progress.
  13. Hello, all ~ If you'd please take a moment to read the info in my profile, I'd be grateful beyond words. In short,, I leaped into this new passion before fully researching all of it's necessary aspects. I'm determined to verify with my own eyes the deep cosmos and better understand the far past & distant future events. Thanks so much for indulging this newbie. ~ GiL Young
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