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  1. Good point, I have a set of Tasco zip 8x40's somewhere...
  2. Thanks guys for all your input. Im going to start saving to increase the budget, and then spend a day in one of the retailers that stock both Skwather and Celestron scopes befor parting with the cash. It will take me some time, but I think its the best thing to do in order to get something that will last and give me some excellent results Malc
  3. I get your drift... and as I live in the light polluted south east of England I guess that any difference of magnitude gained by going for a 6" over an 4.5" would be basically lost ! So based on your post, would you say the optics in the Celestron scope are good, or do they all come out of the same factory in the far east but with different names on ? Malc www.micro-heli.co.uk
  4. Well what do ya know.. I was walking past the Cash Converor shop and noticed a scope in the window... it was a Celestron FirstScope 114 EQ Compact ! Looked a lot different in reality than in the pictures - quite small actually. The item was new and up for £110 - £15 more expensive than David Hinds Optics and other leading retailers.. and there was no offer of the free binoculars either !! Well I think I'll try and save up for the C6-N as I think I would be dissapointed with the 114 EQ Compact
  5. Thanks for your input. My current circumstances dictate that £280 is outside the budget, £250 is pushing it.. but I would rather have something that gives good results, rather than waste £100 on something that would dissapoint me. There is also a storage issue with going to bigger scopes like a Dob. Going for apature over the goto system really points to the C6-N as the better bet ?? Malc www.micro-heli.co.uk
  6. Thanks for the (only) reply so far I think it goes without saying the it matters not what hobby you get into, it always ends up costing far more than you first thought.. and I dare say astronomy is the same. I think I'll have to make a visit to one of the "local" stockests and actually see what these scopes look like.. its always hard based on the images shown on web sites Malcolm www.micro-heli.co.uk
  7. Hi all, my first post so be gentile with me Years ago (OMG thinking about it, almost 20 !) I used to be actively interested in astronomy and purchased a Vixen 4" refractor with driven RA - cost me almost a grand back then, but well worth it. However did the usual grown up things like get marrid, had kids and took out a mortgage... and for one reason or another sold the scope (which I now regret). However now the kids are growing up I've thought about getting another scope, but I'm on a lot tighter budget than I was back when I bought the Vixen. I've seen the Celestron FirstScope 114 EQ Compact for £95 on several web sites (like David Hinds - good to see him still going ) which fits the budget and would allow me to do the odd bit of casual observing. However part of me feels that whilst Celestron had a good reputation for making quality scopes (remember been blown away looking at Saturn through a mates C8) the FirstScope 114 EQ Compact is very cheap, and I wondered if anyone has already got one and can comment on how it performs. My main concern is the G. E mount - it looks like the bouncy ones that Tasco used to fit on the 11TR, which were very sloppy and let the tube bounce too much. - I do like the mount used on the C6-N (CG-4) and having a 6" scope will gather more light than the 4.5", but the £250 price tag of the C6-N is stretching the limited budget I have. This then brings in a new dilemma.. for £250 I could also get the NexStar 114 SLT with the go-to computer... which given my poor knowledge of the night sky would make finding things a lot easier (no more fumbling with a red torch and skyatlas 2000 ) but it looks to be the same tube as the 114 EQ, but on the computerised mount. The other thing I noticed is that David hinds is also offering the 114 EQ Compact with a driven RA for £119.00. However there are no details of what drive this is and if its DC or just a 240v asyncro motor ? - so again if anyone can shed some light on these drives it would be welcome, as if its the Motor Drive (#93515) listed in the manual for the 114 EQ compact then it would be a better option as these retail for around £70 ! Another question (sorry!) - A friend had a large observatory scope in his garden (20 years ago) and this was fully computer controlled with CCD camera etc, how easy would it be to hook up either the C6-N or the 114 EQ to a PC so I could do all my observing from the comfort of my living room ?. Comments please... Regards Malcolm
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