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  1. This august monument, several hundred yards from the mansion house, was erected for the Earl Bishop between 1779-83. It was built in memory of his lordship's elder brother George, 2nd Earl of Bristol, who died a bachelor in 1775. The mausoleum stands between the Lion's Gate and the Bishop's Gate. The monument was crowned with a domed monopteral tempietto, contained a fine statue of the Earl Bishop's brother, in Roman dress, by John van Nost the younger. Neither the tempietto nor the statue could withstand the storms of 1839, since when the fragments have lain around the base of the now stunted monument, awaiting restoration. It took me some time to complete this photograph. It's my first Milky Way image shot at 35mm. The sky was shot separately and was tracked and stacked. My plan for the foreground was to illuminate it using light painting with a drone technique but the wind was so strong I just shot it as is. Illuminated by light pollution from Coleraine, as I was facing Limavady direction it worked quite well. Some technical details: Sky: Tracked - 5 Exposures 180s long at 35mm | f4 | ISO 800 | 25 Flats | 6 Darks | No Bias Stacked in DSS and edited in PS Foreground: 10 Exposures 30s long at 35mm | f2.8 | ISO 200 stacked in PS to reduced noise.
  2. Im happy with laptop as I need it for focusing anyway ( as for now ) Thank you so much !
  3. I've done some quick reaserch and it looks I need: ZWO ASI 120MC-S USB 3.0 + ZWO Mini Guide Scope 30mm f4 That should solve the issues I was having. Correct me if Im wrong of course
  4. Its also not smooth, sometimes looks like dot and line and sometimes like 3 dots ( very jerky and non consistent ). I will try to look for some guiding scopes and how dificult it is to make it work.
  5. Yes, the rotation occurs around polaris in 90% of my images.
  6. So it sounds like I need to look for some guiding scope and software then. Thank you !
  7. Thank you so much. So leave it running for same amount of time on 2 different days and compare travel distance ? Cheers
  8. Thank you so much toxic. Thats probably what I need. Not only tracking is new for me but now I need a guiding scope to figure it out Cheers
  9. Hello Everyone ! This is my first post here. My Name is Patrick and Im and amateur astro photographer but I have over 20 years of experience in the field of photography. Im fine with wide field astro imaging but I have some problems with a more narrow field of view, or rather with tracking. I bought my Sky Adventurer few weeks ago and I was using it recently for M31 images. I can pull out 4 + minutes with wide angle shots. With 600mm on the other hand 30 sek is max I can track without seeing trailing. Last night I was able to get 1m exposure without seeing any massive star trails but taking shots in intervals showed 2 from 8 images were tracked kinda fine, the rest of them shows like the tracker tried but gave up during the process. Thats 80% of bad frames. ( Images attached ) My setup: Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer. Camera: Sony A7R III Lens: 200-300G Other Eq: Wireless trigger on top of camera body. Overall weight: 2.9kg I polar aligned it 3 times and balanced it as best I could so there was no pulling when the cluthc was disabled. ( No wind, tripod knocks or other factors ) Is there anything Im doing wrong ? I would like to know some opinion and guidance if possible as Im new to trackers etc. Thank you so much in advanced Cheers
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