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  1. Here's my first attempt at Pleiades with pretty much beginners kit that isn't best suited to astrophotography : ) It's nowhere near as good as other images on here but I'm happy with it! Shot on my EQ3/2 Pro mount. I did polar align properly but there is no second camera for tracking - just using the motors. It was tricky balancing my camera and lens on the mount but managed it with a 1/2 Kg weight on the counterweight shaft and mounting my DSLR on top of the front empty tube ring and then pulling the dovetail bar as far back as it would go so the empty tube ring overhung behind
  2. Thanks for the compliments I'm not sure what counts as eyepiece projection? I had my 8-24mm zoom eyepiece directly in the focuser and had a T adapter on the thread of that with my DSLR joining there, in the same way I'd attach my camera to a Barlow. I don't know if that's eyepiece projection but it seems to work?
  3. There weren't many clear nights over the past 6 weeks so these images come from about two or three nights. It's my first Mars season. I'm shooting with a Skywatcher 150pl on an EQ3 Pro. I don't have a planetary camera so just using my EOS 700D attached to a cheap as chips 8-24mm zoom lens and varying the zoom for the seeing. Used BackyardEos then processed in Pipp, AS3! and did the layering in Photoshop instead of Registax. Anyway, I was quite happy for my first Mars efforts but really need one of those electric focuser things. Also, should the pole be at the top or bot
  4. Great shot! That's really impressive!!! I've been thinking of having a go of getting the ISS on my Skywatcher 150pl telescope and maybe using the video on my S10e smartphone - how difficult is this? I imagine the ISS is moving at a fair clip compared to the background stars? I've got tracking on my EQ mount but no idea what speed I'd use for the ISS - if you can track it manually with the slow motion controls I'd definitely give it a shot. I' definitely be interested to see a link to the pre-processing frames. [edit: I'm dumb and didn't spot the video link - the YouTube images are really
  5. Hi My first post on this forum! Thought I'd share my first attempts with afocal photography through my Samsung S10e. The Saturn and Jupiter were taken about 10/11 August in not too great seeing. I was using my old Skywatcher 150PL (with a very recently hand cleaned mirror and freshly collimated) on my EQ3 Pro mount with the my smartphone mounted to my 6mm eyepiece with one of these very cheap holders (it's fine once you get the position sorted) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164283079545?ul_noapp=true I was more than impressed with what was produced from short video runs i
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