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  1. Based on what I’ve learned in the past few days I am inclined to agree the best course is to ignore it. But still baffling why they would include a screw that is essentially useless...?
  2. Looks like some of the things I've made in the past. Usually with a proto-board so the wires pull out just a little to easily when things get joggled around looking for the (whatever) you just saw and need now.
  3. Thanks for the confirmation Craig, that's what I thought was the likely purpose. Given that it doesn't actually lock the circle down and drags on the polar axis, any suggestions as to why that might be the case. I do not want to start pulling things apart until I've "heard from the experts". So far the only images I've seen are those provided by Astro-baby's stripping/rebuilding articles. (though I don't think I've exhausted the search...)
  4. I recently received a new HEQ5 Pro mount and the weather has been uncooperative since, so I've just been "playing" with it inside. One of the items that has me wondering is the "setscrew" (SW's term) adjacent to RA setting indicator (photo attached). The section in the mounts instruction booklet, "Orienting the Polar Reticule" implies that tightening the setscrew will lock the RA circle in position so that it revolves with the RA axis. (note here: I am not concerned with polar alignment or polar scope operation at this time) This is not what happens on my mount. When I tighten the setscrew the setting circle does snug up and will rotate with the RA axis, but only for a partial rotation of the axis, then the setting circle becomes stationary again. If the setscrew is tightened more, the RA axis becomes difficult to move and the setting circle still doesn't "lock" to the axis. I expect this is not the desired result. Before I damage anything by forcing screws tighter than intended I thought I would solicit advice from users of this mount. My preference is not to have to dismantle it before I get to use it, but if that's what's required, then I will. (and I'm still awaiting the arrival of a Rowan belt mod kit, but no word on it's ETA) Is the real purpose of the setscrew to lock the RA setting circle into position? Should it actually tighten down the RA/SC so the circle remains stationary (on the axis) during RA rotation? Why does tightening the screw down "drag" on the RA axis? TIA, Dave
  5. I have followed this thread for a short time having discovered it while searching for DIY dew heater controllers. Living in a mild/cool marine climate (Vancouver Island, BC) dew is a major factor once the few weeks of summer (almost) heat is done. I recently upgraded my astrophoto gear from a barndoor tracker with my mirrorless camera to an actual goto mount and an apo refractor and dew has become an issue I am contending with. (not an issue in the summer, but time passed while I waited for supplies of mounts, scopes, etc. to appear and fill backlogged orders) From fiddling in the Arduino world for a while and finishing a number of projects I have many of the components to assemble the heater. Before I start I thought I'd ask if anybody here has a spare PCB board they would be kind enough to sell me. I would of course cover your costs. Dave
  6. Pete, many thanks for this info. This is the first concrete information I've received in the numerous places I've asked this question.
  7. Is anyone here controlling a Vixen SP2 (SB One) with an external computer for GoTo, etc. (for AP use)? Is it even possible? I have been unable to find any references to it. I see Vixen mounts suggested as fine, but expensive mounts and references to SB Ten providing GoTo capabilities but nothing to suggest it’s doable with the “simpler” version. I’m looking for my first solid mount to do photography with a 70-80mm refractor. Starting with a mirrorless APC camera and eventually a cooled mono camera. I’ve been considering mounts I can move in and outdoors relatively easily. This mount and the HEQ-5 are the two I’m looking at most seriously at this time. The local market (western Canada) for used mounts seems to have dried up during recent times, so new is what I’m looking at. (Vixen because of their “it’s already fiddled and should just work” reputation and the HEQ-5 because it’s well known with fixes and mods well defined. (It’s also more affordable by a fair margin here.)
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