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  1. thanks Waldmar - and to everybody. slingshot
  2. Gost - that image is heart warming when i saw it- great stuff!!
  3. Leylandi - the curse. Non native species, drains soils and reduces biodiversity. The winds here have been over 120 recently and blown over a whole row that was blocking a neighbours westerly viewpoint. Several people have been around there to fill trailers of wood. Said neighbour is delighted with it. In view of this event, some of us planted lots of native trees in thanks.
  4. Nice account of your observations and a pleasant read - thank you. Some of the sheep, nearbye to where i live, graze near to a pub. They get a bit nervous at closing time!
  5. Politicians are acutley aware of growing Mental Health issues. Light pollution - specifically bright light shining into houses, bedrooms, gardens et al, can prevent sleep. Moreover, it is a psychological stressor which can lead to strees, even subconsiously. Perhaps given that MH is a hot topic with ever increasing numbers, it is time that politicians and council groups be made aware. Not just from a dark sky perspective, but from a general health one. Question is how to influence these people quickly? Slingshot
  6. Of course when the wifes outside with me, giving out about the price of this and the cost of that. The skies are this, that and the others a waste of time, creates a warm ambient atmosphere around, thus negating any dew!
  7. windy.com is very good. Try some of the aviation selfbriefing sites, Met Office UK and our one here. They contain significant weather charts which are very useful. S
  8. Hi G family - read Mr Tonkins review. Looks good so thank for this information. Will investigate and check to see how many shillings i have! Slingshot
  9. Hi Paz - thank you, so much advice its great!
  10. Hi Stu- thank you, I obviously need a load of stuff with all the great advice from everyone. Will get them ordered. Garry
  11. Grand job - thanks a mill- will look into it, along with all the other things i need. G
  12. Thank you for your suggestions, appreciate it. Garry
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