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  1. Where I’m at supposedly Jupiter is going to be more visible than other times, which one (from the picture that has everything) could I use to get an ok view of it?
  2. The ones I have didn’t seem to fit, how would I do the straight through method you stated?
  3. It’s a little too small for the entrance of the diagonal, does that mean I can’t use it?
  4. Ohhh okok so that means that I can’t use the star diagonal?
  5. Inside of this one? There doesn’t seem to be anything inside of it
  6. Okok thank you! the nose piece was able to go In the 32mm, and then I attached it onto the star diagonal, is this correct?
  7. Hey there John, thank you for the fast response, I read the manual however I can’t manage to setup the eyepiece on the star diagonal. I posted some pictures of what I have, I don’t know how I need to put together all that or where those things go on the telescope, thank you! thank you so mi cuh
  8. Hey everyone, I just purchased my first refractor telescope but I have no idea where to get started, let’s get right into what my problem is. I purchased a Celestron C4-R; model number 21016; this came with a bunch of little pieces that I don’t know what they do, it’s a refractor telescope. I have the star diagonal but I don’t know where to attach it. I just want to know what I have to do to have it ready to be used thank you I would like help asap thank you
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