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  1. Hi: I am really fond of Registax 6 and it does a great job, but for one really irksome problem: the backgrounds are too light for an imaging PC. The opening screen has a lot of white background, and when you are using it, there are too many parts of the screen with white & light grey backgrounds. They ruin the dark adjustment of your eyes, and illuminate the whole environment like the proverbial whorehouse on a Saturday night. That's not a good look when you are observing. So, either: Please can anyone tell me how to make these regions dark, preferably black? Or:
  2. Celestron C11 XLT on CGX Mount, 2.14x Apo Barlow, ZWO ASI290MC Camera, 3000 frames @ 6ms captured in SharpCap 3.2, Stacked & processed in Registax 6, kept about 80 frames

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  3. This worked for me. I reset to defaults. Job done.
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