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  1. Hey that’s a quite an information for me being a noob. Thanks a lot. I will stick to GSO 2.5x Barlow lens as of now.
  2. Much appreciated. Thanks mate. However, my confusion is all about element present in a Barlow. 2 element or 3 element ? Does it really make a big difference in quality of viewing like getting sharp images with a decent field of view.
  3. It’s Meade Polaris 127mm aperture, 1000mm focal length of the objective, f ratio 7.9. I have got 15mm, 20mm GSO super view, Plössl eyepieces. To avoid, buying higher magnification(6 to 10mm), I thought to go for a good Barlow lens. The Barlow provided by Meade is basic, gives quite dark and blurry viewing even in clear calm Night sky and thus looking to upgrade it. I even put my telescope out for acclimatisation for about 40mins to an hour.
  4. Hi, I am pretty much new in Astronomy. Recently I have bought Meade Polaris 127mm telescope. The Barlow(2x) which Meade has provided is pretty basic. It gives pretty blurry view. I have read few blogs and get to know that for 127mm, 2x-3x magnification is more than enough. Now I’m confused in its specs(element in it). Wondering which one I choose, 2.5x Barlow 3 element or 2x Barlow with 2 element to get clear and crisp viewing. Ryaen
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