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  1. Joe105

    Dob bearings

    I used a Lazy Susan for the az bearing and skateboard roller bearings for the altitude.Super smooth with no stickyness. Just a sugestion.
  2. Clean underwear. Mum says so.-And clean socks.
  3. Thats really wonderful. I'm sooooo pleased for you. Saturn remains my all time favourite.I never tire of looking at it. Its just magical. I wish you every success in your endeavors.
  4. The way I concieve it, tha 'All' doesn,t come from anywhere .It always is and always will be.No beginning and no end. To my mind a sigularity implies a border,a boundry.The All has no boundry.Our minds cannot concieve anything without a boundry.Its pointless trying. I just have to accept that fact. As the All is in everything.Everything finally dissolves back to the All's state of rest. I do not understand why we have different red shifts. I am a believer in the Aether theories and I believe that there is much that is yet to be discovered as regards to the aether.Perhaps people like Tesla and Maxwell etc. understood more in this respect. I don't know. The ancients certainly did.Tesla was well aquainted with the Vedic principles. I wish I could read Sanskrit and heiraglyphs without having to rely on translations.So that I could get some idea of the concepts the ancients had of the world. But that diverts away from this present discussion.
  5. My own belief is that there never was a 'Big Bang'. I believe that ther was always 'something' there.A fundemental 'All' that is always in existance.I feel that the creation of our universe is a cyclic event. At the beginning of each cycle there exists the 'All'. In a state of absolute rest. In very,very simplistic terms, the All then experiences movement which leads to differentation to a positive and negative state.This differentation leads through various phases from light through to matter. Vibration is the key.Everything has its own vibration.Everything is made up of vortices of energy formed from the aether that is the All. From the atom to the solar systems,to the galaxies,to the super systems of galaxies. To the universe itself. Everything spins in a vortex and has its own vibrations. Once all creation is achieved,the wlole gradually reverts back to the state of absolute rest until the next cycle. This is my belief. A belief is not truth. A belief always leaves room for doubt. I believe ancient races before this one knew much more than we do now. I think the key to their knowledge lies in the ancient myths, legends and writings of the ancients. A lot has been translated into English and other languages. A lot has been translated that is not available to the general public.A lot has yet to be translated. But enough! Thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts.
  6. There are also changes in the other belts as well. The northern dark belt is more prominant and the northern lighter belt has disintegrated somewhat. Other smaller changes are also noticable. Interesting to note that it was amateur astronomers who first noticed the changes. In the future, look out for brilliant white spots forming in the southern zone.Apparently they will start to spout dark blobs of material which will be stretched by Jupiter's winds into a new belt, and the planet will get its dark belt back. Sorry, but I can't remember where I saw that report.
  7. Thanks for that brantuk.Thats most encouraging.I shall place my order for one. Thanks again for your response.
  8. I've been looking at the scope cover advertised at Green Witch. Has anyone had any experience with this cover? Also, would it fit a Sky Watcher 10" Dobsonian? Any help appreciated.
  9. I think what I'll do is make an 18" long cylinder out of the thick card,which I've ordered ,to slip over the end of my scope,as a prototype.Then try it out. If it makes any positive difference I'll then dope the card cylinder with model aircraft dope to waterproof it and then paint the inside with mat black. If it looks like it might deform then I will attach some thick wire hoops to the outside of the cylinder so that it retains its proper shape. Should be fun.If it isn't I'll chuck it in the bin and have a rethink.
  10. It was 1951 when I was 7 yrs old and no comets were seen that year. There was a naked eye comet in November 1957 (Arend/Roland) that had a 30 deg tail.So I rethink it must have been that one I saw. I was 12 yrs old then. That fits. (Age related memory confusion!)
  11. I am going to put a light shield on my 10" dobsonian to try and shield the optics from nearby house lighting.I am going to use thick black card. How long can I make this tube without interfering with the object train? Any help appreciated.
  12. I was wondering what object you would most like to see that you either haven't seen before or that you saw once and would love to see again. I would love to see a really bright supernova. Or a really big comet. I did see a big comet once when I was a kid.I think I might have been about 7 yrs of age.It made a big impression on me. I have no idea what comet it was. I would like to relive that experience.
  13. I use a program called 'Tonights Sky'. You just enter your Lat/Long. Choose a start time. There's a section where you can choose what to look at and what size object (easy to difficult) results can be printed out.Quite a useful program. Just Google it.
  14. Nobody knows. Hypotheses have been built up about it.Every so often a new one comes out.Some hypotheses sound quite convincing, others sound like they've come out of Dream Time. The answer ,however ,remains the same. We don;t really know. The hypotheses are built on assumptions.but thats all they are. Assumptions. No proof. We don't really know what the Earth looks like over 5 miles down. Most of our knowledge of things astronomical are the same.Hypotheses built on certain assumptions which are continuously changing. Perhaps that is what makes astronomy so absolutely fascinating. There's so much more to discover.Nothing is set in stone and any one of us can observe and speculate and, who knows what future discoveries any one of us will make. Thats whats good about being an amateur astronomer.We are free to make our own discoveries We are not bound by the rigid,'sacred' laws of establishment science.
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