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  1. Feel very lucky and privilidged to have seen this and my wife saw it too. Brilliant to see it.
  2. The Twitter pic was exactly what we saw - even if that is an old pic, it was the same size and brightness as the one we saw tonight.
  3. The Sky News footage isn't as good as the You Tube clip - which also doesn't capture the colour. The Twitter link above captures a still image in all its glory. Amazing sight and amazing image
  4. It wasn't near M42 - went through Ursa Major, through towards Leo when we lost sight of it.
  5. We saw it too - must've tracked over from Warrington (someone above says it was seen there) to Staffs where we live. This was no shooting star people - large, very fast moving and you could actually see flames in a small tail at the rear. Amazing once in a lifetime job. Jealous, coz' I was setting up the scope and my wife spotted it first, with the most ladylike of statements (mods, please leave this in...) "what the f***'s that?"
  6. Mosaics are fairly straightforward - you soon get the knack.
  7. you'll love it. Just got one myself and it's great. No wonder they're so popular.
  8. I lived in Widnes for 20 years - off Upton Lane. Light pollution was a bit dodgy but some dark spots around - although perhaps not Spike Island at night!
  9. That's your first image? Blimey, it's excellent. I'd say leave it where it is and don't go spending hours trying to tease out a bit more as it's a great start. Much better than my own initial and very humble efforts. Both elements, the flame and horsey are terrific.
  10. He hasn't managed to get a new secondary yet but he's working on it. Found him very helpful when I met him - he's a you tube legend! That Quattro is one hell of a scope.
  11. I acquired a second hand SW 200P this afternoon. But not any old 200P. Probably the most viewed on You Tube, courtesy of Dion of Astronomy Shed who used the scope on most of his video tutorials. A top man. A famous scope! Delighted to now be the owner. So many well done mods, it will be a pleasure to use when the clouds clear - apologies to all, my fault! First light review when the cloud eventually clears!
  12. A third vote for the ST80. Not expensive, does what is says on the tin and is, I'd say, the weapon of choice for guiding for a lot of people out there.
  13. I think like last year a load of newish kit will hit ebay in a month or two and prices will get back to normal. On another thread, I read about an SPC900 going for about £150!!
  14. Apparently this guy has 5 of them... Philips SPC900NC modded webcam Astrophotography + SW | eBay
  15. I've read they're quite good - anything Williams Optics seems to be decent kit.
  16. £196 smacks of desperate times. Call it the Brian Cox effect again. After the TV programme last year and this, lots of kit became rarer than a trophy in Arsenal's trophy room (Evertonian speaking - even rarer for us...). I'm sure availability of a lot of stuff, including SPC900s will get better, if not cheaper, but it could be a couple of months or so. Keep your eye on UK Astro Buy and Sell. I've seen a few on there recently, both regular cameras and those modded for long exposure work. I doubt we'll see £196 for one of these again. Whoever paid that kind of money wasn't far short of a brand new DMK/similar!
  17. Your link looks incorrect - can you re-load it?
  18. Welcome to the Light Wallet Club. Seriously though, some of your purchases are maybe nice to have and not necessities, but can't blame you for getting 'em - I'm sure you put them to good use! We all do it - and then a year later, we look for upgrades!
  19. Dion (who made the video and many more) is a good guy who did say he was about to be controversial in the vid.. I have to say I find this one (and all of his others come to that) to offer a common sense approach to the issues and topics he covers. I had to watch this one twice though to completely get what he was saying. Got there in the end and will certainly consider all he was saying, especially on secondaries. All of the highly technical talk above doesn't rock many people's boats to be honest (IMHO) and I think the no frills approach he takes are valuable to those of us who want to improve on quality in perhaps a more easily understood way.
  20. I can't see how we've hit saturation point or where the 5K sales for last year came from. I know the numbers are small(ish) but how many times do we see stock go into Morgans etc. only to be sold out within days? They must only get a dozen or two at a time perhaps? I have now had trhe opportunity to call my contact at our Philips contract and they've done some digging. They have deinitely stopped making them, but the view is that there are loads of them on general sale in eastern Europe, so that's probably where some suppliers are getting their hands on them. I think the Microsoft one will be the one which takes over as they seem to be available and miles cheaper!
  21. Keeping the mount level is important if you can do it, as is polar aligning but only to make it easier to keep the object in the field of view, unless you are imaging and then it becomes vital to polar align very very very accurately. If what you're doing works for you, well... it works for you! As you get more experience you will want to polar align properly and believe me, it takes ages at first and can spoil the fun. Stick with it though and you will get there sooner or later. No need to get hung up about it. If I do any visual stuff, I rarely polar align accurately, just more or less works for me too - especially in the winter!
  22. Anything about collimation always looks complex to start with. Looks good.
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