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  1. I know people are waiting for new scopes but I've just checked an old "watch list" on fleabay and saw a used SW 200P on an EQ5 (non motorised) sell for £411 - you can get a new one for £398. Absolutely crazy, especially with the shipping of another 70 quid!! There are very few bargains these days. Gone are the days when you could get an SPC900 for less than a fiver (yes, I once got one for 99p plus p&p), cheap eyepieces, filters and other odds and sods. The popularity of the hobby is catching on more and more, judging by the number of new members I see in the "new posts" section on SGL. That's great, but I do fear there's a danger or risk that some predatory selling may be happening. People are fairly understandably maximising the opportunity to make a few bob. However, the predatory aspect here is from some sellers selling any old tat for as much as possible, leading to complaints and buyers being put off by some future adverse feedback. We'll see....
  2. turn your gain up to see it on the laptop screen, then once you've nailed it, back down the gain. Doing this will make sure you can then get better focus if needed.
  3. I remember seeing the moon, Saturn and Jupiter for the first time, but the only moment when I literally said the now very over-used "oh my God" (very slowly) was when I saw the recent meteor. It was the best "wow" moment in my life (astro-wise) and the photos everyone may have seen of the other one was remarkably like the latest one. It really was that good, with my Mrs being very excited at seeing something "worth seeing..." for the first time!
  4. I got into a heated debate recently and one person went over the top a little. I told him it was a bit harsh and not clever and he almost immediately sent me a PM apologising. I see he is still a member and I'm pleased to see it. Do those people who have now been excluded get some kind of "yellow card" warning? If they do and they continue to transgress the rules, by all means get rid, but give everyone a chance please. People can get very brave on the internet (I've just read a post about someone who was treated appallingly by another person on Astro Buy & Sell) and I think they often get into the kind of detached personal criticism or perhaps extreme opinion. It becomes normal behaviour and they do need the jolt of a yellow card to bring them back into line.
  5. Just seen it for sale on a US website. $1,499!!!! I'll hang on to the SPC900 for a while then.
  6. Just had a look at this on their website. Looks quite good and wonder if it will be affordable?? Nightscape CCD Camera | | Astro Imaging with Celestron Products
  7. Love it. Must get some go faster stripes for mine!!
  8. Thanks for that, I've already seen some of your stuff. Very useful. I worked in Chicago for a while a few years back (I live in the UK). Was based in Oak Brook on the outskirts of the city. My favourite city in the US.
  9. I've trialled the Neximage and the SPC alongside each other a few times now - same conditions etc. but not much difference. Perhaps different settings on the PC software and sometimes the SPC is better, other times is the Neximage. As there is nothing in it, I would personally recommend anyone thinking about investing to buy an SPC900 if they can find one. I think people buy the Neximage as they can't find an SPC900 or when they do, on ebay, they get outbid as they are much sought after and hallf the price of the celestron product.
  10. One other thing about the Neximage. If you are running Windows Vista as I was at the time I bought one, it's a nightmare getting it to work! It too absolutely ages and a lot of faffing around but I got there eventually. I've now seen sense and use a different operating system. I didn't know Celestron were bringing out a new Neximage, perhaps that will be better and compete with the DMKs as it'll be in a similar price range? I still think £110+ for a Neximage is a total rip off and the mark up is obscene. The things we spend our money on. For now, the SPC will do fine for me. I've seen some reasonably priced Neximages on fleabay recently. Might be a bargain (although still too expensive) on there. The original one will definitely drop in price if they bring a new version out!
  11. They make a hell of a difference to "focusing wobble" and I think it will help you enormously, especially if your illness prevents some aspects of fine tuning. They're relatively inexpensive too.
  12. The mount is superb. The scope is good enough value for the price and the images you will get, after a lot of practice (be patient), will be stunning I'm sure. Besides actually taking the images, the processing of them is IMHO a skill in itself and this is the bit that takes time to get good at. Plenty of You Tube help about though.
  13. I've heard registax 6 has a few bugs/probs. Try an older version if you can't sort it? Wait for a few more posts on here as I'm sure the experts will offer better advice!
  14. Very sharp and really well pulled together. Never get tired of looking at images of the moon as good as this.
  15. If you're not overly concerned about imaging yet, perhaps a Skywatcher 150P on an EQ3-2? It would come in under budget and you can add motors or "go to" later on? The mounts can of course cost a hell of a lot more than the scope so you may still have to upgrade it you get seriously into imaging. You can still get some very successful shots from an EQ3-2 but don't think it will work well for some stuff, especially DSOs requiring very long exposures and loads of subs. I started off with a 150PL (slightly longer than the "P") and an EQ3-2 and loved it. I still have them both but use mt 200P and HEQ5 all the time these days. You could also look at a refractor - perhaps slightly lighter in weight and more portable, but perhaps the smaller aperture may not fit the bill for you. You will of course get various opinions on SGL and may get a bit confused.com so why not seek out a local astro club first and download Stellarium (free) to start with? You can see the scopes and mounts for yourself then and make your mind up as to what works for you? Good luck with choosing!
  16. I have both and I understand they're pretty much the same camera in a different "coat". That said, I've done comparison images quite a few times and I don't know why, but the SPC seems slightly better on some nights, but the Neximage is better on others. Completely inconsistent. What is also inconsistent is the price! The Neximage is, IMHO, a rip off price-wise. The only reason I bought one was that SPCs were (and still are) rare to find, but I now have 4 of them, collected over the last couple of years.
  17. They are the poodles privates and I highly recommend them. Very solid, very good and not too expensive.
  18. I remember as a kid, staying up as late as possible to see the landing, then getting woken up when Neil Armstrong took his one small step. A grainy, black and white picture, but what a night to remember. It's never been bettered and probably never will be in my lifetime.
  19. That's one of the best I've seen for a long time. Really really good.
  20. What an amazing little scope the ST80 is. I use mine as a finder/guider and you can easily forget they can give some stunning views and pretty good images too!
  21. Agree with you Moonshane. My mirror steadily got worse over time so I eventually took the plunge and cleaned it, followed Steve's vid to the letter. It did make a difference, although perhaps I was expecting it to do that... I do agree that the dust and stuff which gathers can look worse than it is, but eventually, I couldn't see my face and cleaned it. Took enormous care with it and it was perfectly clean after that.
  22. Have a look at Steve Richard's (Steppenwolf) excellent vid on You Tube. Take great care. Taking it out, there will be a few screws. The sheer size, thickness and weight of the mirror will surprise you.
  23. Great image. Very impressive and superb nebulosity.
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