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  1. Thank you all for your replies, I decided that I preferred a tripod over a monopod so went with the suggestion of @Nik271 as I am not very tall so don't need the extra height and at some point I may decide to use the monopod anyway. So far Im really pleased with it. Again, thank you all for your suggestions and taking the time to reply to me, its greatly appreciated. Shelly
  2. Thanks, I’ll take look but I’ll also have a look at some monopods too. Shelly
  3. Thanks Guys, I’ll check these both out. Shelly
  4. Hi Happy New Year to you all I’m looking for recommendations for a suitable tripod for my 20 x 80 Celestron binoculars, they are used infrequently so was hoping to get something that doesn’t really break the bank too much. Could anyone help please? TIA Shelly
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