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  1. Ouch! Yeah makes sense to ask...we can be awfully impatient sometimes
  2. Thanks. I did that and it worked, however...I couldn't slew to an object after aligning. It just wouldn't move, so I tried a factory reset. Re-input everything from scratch and for now it seems to be working normally. Initial panic over! (I did put the cable somewhere I shouldn't tho....and heard bubbling)
  3. I'd love to get set up. It's awfully complicated for my tiny brain tho!
  4. I'm not sure I've quite got away with it. If I try to slew, it just won't work. I may be able to use it with kind of half functionality. It may track but it's no longer a GOTO mount!
  5. That's what I was after, but the whole ascom thing is so bloody confusing.
  6. It was a pc to handset cable. I did real bad. I just need to know what to do! I can get it to track now by starting alignment. It slews miles out but starts tracking, so I have to release the clutches and manually find the target.
  7. Ok so trying to move from ST4 guiding to ASCOM, I've gone and plugged the laptop directly to the autoguiding input on the main unit. There were some bubbling noises from up near the gears... Now the mount slews to the wrong place, then it won't slew at all, then the gears are making noises and it won't track. Yup I've done bad...I know. But what do I do?
  8. I can certainly list! Any help/advice gratefully received. Laptop, Skywatcher EQ3pro Synscan mount, Evostar 72ed with QHY183c as main imager, Evoguide 50 with Zwo ASI 120mc as guider. Currently using Sharpcap and PHD2 but now downloaded ASCOM, Stellarium and was hoping to use EQMOD too. No idea how to connect them all and how to use ASCOM but everyone seems to go down this route.
  9. Well, there's ASI camera (1) ASCOM or ASI camera (2) ASCOM or ZWO ASI camera on the equipment drop-down. Then there's Device Hub Telescope (ASCOM) or EQMOD ASCOM or NONE or On camera or Telescope Simulator for .NET (ASCOM) on the mount drop-down as well as the Aux mount drop-down. I have literally no idea what any of these mean. That's just in PHD2 not to mention Sharpcap. Then do I need drivers for Synscan? No idea...
  10. Yeah it all works fine on my work laptop and it's what I've always done, st4 guiding etc just all of a sudden no program I use will capture images using the asi 120. Ascom...I've no idea what settings to use in PHD2. In fact all the software would need new settings wouldn't it?
  11. I uninstalled ASCOM as my tiny brain found it all too confusing! I have found that ASI image, sharpcap and PHD2 all say the camera is connected, but none can complete a single exposure. Tried installing older drivers and that didn't work either.
  12. Hi. I have two laptops, one for astro one for not. I can connect my Zwo Asi 120mc to PHD2 on the non astro laptop but not on my dedicated astro laptop. Same settings but keep getting the message that it cant complete an exposure after 16 seconds. I've reinstalled drivers, programs, tried ASCOM and changed cables but nothing seems to work. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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