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  1. heres a link that will get you to the makers website. http://kson.en.alibaba.com/ ( sorry first link was wrong one, have put the proper one in )
  2. You should see colour in the planets with a moderate scope, even with the naked eye Mars has a reddish hue. As for DSO's the colours only show up in photographs Im afraid.
  3. Just signed up , great idea Andy, thanks.
  4. I think there was a wee bit more to the ending of the Cold War than Ronnie RayGun " easing his attitude towards the USSR " and checking out what Russel grant had to say about his horoscope . And besides, he was probably a secret Stamp Collector
  5. Its all part of the learning process mate , been there myself, and no doubt will be there again
  6. Heres a link to a tutorial A Quick Tour of an EQ Mount - McWiki
  7. I would second Daves recommendation of a Tal 100RS, I picked mine up second hand for around £120 ( If I remember correctly ) .
  8. I dont collect stamps, but Im sure that lots of people do. Theres no point complaining that people dont take your " pastime" , ( because unless you are a professional and make your living from astronomy, then ultimately thats all it is ) seriously, while at the same time ridiculing other peoples passion about their particular hobby. It seems to me rather condescending to suggest that Telescopes and motorcycles are somehow more important in the grand scale of things than someones train set or action figures. Each to their own, I still think we take ourselves too seriously
  9. crepitis


    Hello Sarah, welcome to the forum.
  10. Are we taking ourselves a wee bit too seriously here ? I am also a keen metal detectorist, so I score double points on the " Geekometer " , and on the main metal detecting forum I frequent fellow detectorists are always bemoaning the fact that the media refers to us as " Treasure Hunters ", etc. The fact is that any popular media ( TV or newspapers, whatever ) like a simple lable for anything, so if that happens to be " Stargazers " , "Treasure Hunters " , or " Trainspotters " to describe a hobby then that is what they will go with everytime. And lets face it, unless you make a living from your interest in Astronomy, then thats what it is, a hobby.
  11. Celestron girl looks like she could be Christie Brinkley , formerly Billy Joel's Wife. Check out the "Uptown Girl " video on you tube.
  12. Interesting to see that, in relative terms, Astro kit is a wee bit cheaper now than it was then.
  13. Nice one Reece, sounds like you had a great session. I must admit my eyes were struggling a bit to read the dark text on a dark background, Old age creeping up on me
  14. Yes theres a certain grim irony there , What made it worse is that I was clearing the last bits of snow as I was having a new washing machine delivered and I didnt want the delivery guys to slip. Then after breaking my ankle I got a phone call from Argos telling me the delivery was cancelled as it was out of stock
  15. Sadly, since buying the Tal refractor, circumstances have conspired against me ( aint that always the way ). I havent had a decent opportunity to put it to the test, with seemingly constantly cloudy nights, and other circumstances "outwith my control" as the saying goes. To top it all , I slipped on snow while clearing my drive a couple of weeks ago and broke my ankle...so I am now in Plaster for at least another 3 weeks , which makes lugging the Astro kit from the shed into the garden a bit of a lost cause. Ah well, things can only get better.
  16. With the added advantage of being able to see it during daylight ;)
  17. I was born in 1964 and we used to go camping in Argyll on a regular basis, so I got to see it loads of times, the dark skies on those trips fired my interest in Astronomy. I last saw it , in its full glory, about 5 years ago while working on the island of Tiree one weekend.
  18. I have a celestron 32mm 1.25" eyepiece and its one of my favourite plossl's, but I havent looked through the Televue or Meade equivalent.
  19. If you go to their website link above and click on "about us" theres a link to a membership form there with prices etc.
  20. Theres a 32mm Televue Plossl on E-Bay at the moment.
  21. I hope you dont have a scope of more than 4" aperture, after all, if it was good enough for Messier......
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