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  1. Tophouse, youre looking good to go there ...I know you used the expression "this Character", but thats just like saying "its not for me, honest, its for a mate" . We all know what you really mean,
  2. A great review, I really enjoyed reading that. When I bought my 100RS it was the ota only and so I have no experience of that particular mount, but I have owned a couple of TAL1 reflectors and the mounts with those were very efficient without being "ostentatious" shall we say? I do fancy one of the TAL wooden tripods though and will need to keep an eye out for one on the second-hand market. I used my TAL100RS the other night , mounted on my EQ5, and the views of M42, M44, M45 and the double cluster in Perseus were all very pleasing. For some reason I cant bring my 2" Moonfish 30mm eyepiece to focus, otherwise the focuser is, as you mention, very good indeed. I enjoy using this scope and have to agree with you about its good looks, it looks superb mounted on the EQ5 .
  3. to paraphrase the late George Best, I would spend as much as I could on beautiful women, booze, good food and fast cars..and then I would just blow the rest.
  4. In the last 10 minutes it has gone from 80% clear sky to 80% cloud cover here, shouldnt be surprised really I suppose.
  5. I have mounted my TAL 100RS on the EQ5, and wait with baited breath, for a first decent look at Mars this year. But...looking out the window I'm not too optomistic.
  6. Like I said Brian, you cant fault O'neal for effort , unfortunately , like most American actors, he thinks he can turn his hand to any "European" accent he likes. A remedy for this is Tom Hulce in "Amadeus" , a fantastic movie, and a fantastic performance, done in his own American accent. Perfectly acceptable, and I would rather that O'neal had played the role in his own accent rather than his awful "Oirish" accent, but then again the film was made in a different time and we only have to look at some of the war movies from the 1960's to hear awful examples of people acting in "German" accents.
  7. My body clock died 25 years ago when I started shift work..
  8. No probs Naz, I just hate to think that we might get yet another hour of sunlight at night up here in the summer, its bad enough as it is.
  9. Yeah, and if the Daily Telegraph, that bastion of liberal thinking, says something negative about a Labour Prime Minister then it must be true., its just another "how dare they meddle with our Britishness" story that get published on a slow news day And if this is making the news then I suppose the recession must be over and when did the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan end ? ...I must have missed that meeting.
  10. I suppose it was just too early for Ricky Tomlinson ....Seriously though, York might have been a good choice,
  11. Hi Astro-Baby, "Barry Lyndon" is one of my top 5 favourite films. Yes, the narrative is a lttle weak, yes, Ryan O'neal is miscast ( although you cant fault him for effort) , but in my opinion it is a film to look at rather than watch as a "story". The cinematography is stunning, and in my opinion has rarely been surpassed, the music soundtrack is perfect and its a film I never tire of watching....but theres still that nagging thought of who Kubrick might have cast instead of O'neal , just to make it the "perfect" movie. Sorry to have come over all "Luvvy" there , but its that kind of movie. Heres a link to the trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHCKrusk5SQ
  12. Ive got this on my list on "love-film" and hopefully will get it in the next few days . Ive been dying to see it, but unfortunately although my wife is a big movie fan, SF isnt her favourite genre, so I might end up watching it alone..how sad is that ?
  13. Funny you should say that about rocking out when you were wee, Andy. My elder son, who is 16 now ( and in the bad-books at the moment for coming home pi**ed at the weekend, but thats another story ) whilst still in the womb used to go mental , kicking and moving around whenever the old "top of the pops" theme tune came on the Telly, ( well, I suppose it was a version of a Zeppelin song after all ) .
  14. Good luck Jason, as you say, the prognosis for TC is very good, and your positive outlook will be a great help to you. No doubt you will keep us posted on how you are getting on.
  15. I was taken to see 2001 when I was about 5 years old, when it had just been released in the UK. I didnt understand what the heck it was all about but I was terrified of HAL, I misheard its name , due to the American accents of the actors, and thought its name was HELL, which made it even more scary for me. Im a big Kubrick fan and have everything except "eyes wide shut" ( cant stand Cruise ) on DVD. Heres a link to an interesting animated explanation of 2001 for those like me who didnt get all the symbolism and meaning behind the film . Kubrick 2001: The space odyssey explained
  16. Well done John, if only for winkling out all the sad old rockers and forcing them to reveal themselves on this thread , me ? I'm far too young and sensible for any of that nonsense, ...heres to your next 5000 posts .
  17. You should get a refund under the laws/rules that others have already outlined. Anyway, who would be mad enough to argue with John dillinger ? Good luck.
  18. Put yourself in your neighbours shoes, personally I would be only too happy to help my neighbour out at little trouble to myself, and I will bet that youre no different, so why should your neighbour be ?
  19. I just went round to my neighbour one night and asked him if he could switch it off as it was a bit of a pest. He already knew I was into Astronomy, but had no idea his light was causing a problem and was only too pleased to switch it off while I was observing.
  20. Please make sure that when you are adjusting your secondary mirror that the OTA is horizontal or pointing slightly downwards..but Im sure you already knew that.
  21. Apart from the near 200 people who lost their lives in Feb last year in forest fires that swept south eastern Australia. it wasnt Chinese lanterns that caused the fires, but it was a pretty flippant remark to make, in my opinion. Unless you were being ironic and I misread your intent
  22. I keep mine outdoors in my shed, and i havent had any problems . Its just your basic, bog-standard wooden shed .
  23. Hi Frank and welcome to the forum. I remember Charles Frank having a shop display at Glasgow Central station, just at the main entrance. I can remember as a kid looking at the scopes and binoculars in the window display, and dreaming !
  24. Anyhow Paul, sorry to be so flippant and hijack your thread, I just need a holiday.
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