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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, I know they are out there somewhere, its just a matter of tracking one down. Cheers, bob.
  2. Hi, I am trying to track down an adapter to allow me to connect a Celestron Nexstar scope to a Portable 12v battery set-up via a car cigarrette lighter type socket. I have seen these adapters advertised on US Astro sites but have been unable to find one from a UK based supplier. The only thing I have seen for sale here in the UK is an adapter for connecting to the domestic electricity supply, which would be ok in the garden, but thats about it. Anybody know of a supplier? or even of an alternative adapter that works? Cheers, bob.
  3. I do 90% of the cooking for our family, but I really enjoy cooking so I dont mind. If I say so myself, im pretty good at it and can turn my hand to most things, except baking, which for some strange reason I've never had a go at. I learned to cook by necessity when I joined the Fire Brigade 20 years ago as a callow youth who could just about boil an egg. My very first nightshift I had to cook the evening meal for around 15 grizzled veterans and after a while I learned that you didnt dare dish them up just any old cr*p! I mainly enjoy cooking Indian and Mexican food, but I love cooking a traditional roast lunch with all the trimmings on a Sunday. Cheers, Bob.
  4. Yup, I must admit that quote drew a wry smile from me, ..nice one. Cheers, Bob.
  5. Burnhams Celestial Handbook (in 3 volumes) is an excellent work, "Night watch" by Terence Dickinson is a very good book for beginners with lots of good advice. The latest two that I have bought are "Astronomy Hacks- Tips and tools for observing the night sky" which is brilliant, and "Skywatching" by David Levy, which I havent had a chance to read yet as I only bought it today! (half-price in the sale at my local Waterstones). Cheers, bob.
  6. I sympathise with you james, my next-door neighbour works for his Father-in-laws home security business, and I think he must get all of their latest "WW2 searchlight strength" security lights to try out at home. They really are a pain, and they are ultra sensitive to any movement. Sad thing is that He's probably approachable over the lights but alas, we had a fall out over his dog "decorating" my garden, and arent on speaking terms at the moment. A well aimed Air rifle might be the answer to your problem. Cheers, bob.
  7. Thanks for the help Ant and Daz, its much appreciated, I managed to get them into focus by using them in the 1.25" adapter, but I think I will drop Bern a PM, thanks also to Jamie. Cheers, bob.
  8. Hi, I am having problems bringing two of my 2" eyepieces (9mm Nagler type 1 and Meade series 4000 UWA 14mm) into focus on the Crayford focuser on my Revelation 10" Dob. I understand that I may need some kind of extension tube. Anyone know of a UK based supplier of these? I know they exist because I found a couple of US sites selling them, but they dont ship outside the USA. Thanks for any help. Cheers, bob.
  9. Jaimie, sad to say I wont be seeing you on Friday after all. My wife has opted to work the 5 to Midnight shift at the RAH, so I will be at home watching the kids. Hopefully I should get along the next Friday, even if it means finding a babysitter. Cheers, bob.
  10. Sounds good jamie, hopefully see you on friday. Cheers, bob.
  11. I would certainly be coming along with a view to joining, and I wouldnt be so cheeky to just turn up and say " hows it goin?.. fancy collimating my scope?". Seriously, I am looking forward to meeting some like minded people and hopefully learning from them. How many members are there? Do you have any field trips? I know I will find out the answers to these questions next Friday....but thats seven days away! Cheers, Bpb.
  12. Cheers Jamie I know the dome you mean, also I asked my wife (who works in Paisley) where the observatory was and she put me straight. I will try to get along next Friday . Is it Ok for non-members just to drop in? Cheers, bob.
  13. Jamie as you now know, Im actually in Dumbarton, although I was born in Paisley! I will make a point of coming along to the next meeting, (not tonights as I am babysitting while my missus is working, at the RAH in Paisley, funnily enough). Where exactly is the observatory? Who knows, maybe one of the members could help me out with collimation.....now that would be a dream come true! The Glasgow society dont seem to meet too often and I know there is a very active society out Falkirk way, but thats too far away from me to be Viable, so it looks like the Renfrewshire one might be ideal. Thanks very much guys for taking the time to keep me posted on this, I didnt think there could be a freindlier site than CN but it looks like I was wrong, keep up the good work. By the way Jamie, I had a look at your website and the view of the Andromeda galaxy taken from Glen Douglas was outstanding, I really must get out to a really dark site soon, no excuse really as there are so many within 20 minutes drive from me. Cheers, Bob.
  14. Rob, I got one for my 127 Mak from an American online astro shop ( the name escapes me for the moment, but I could find out). It was pretty cheap even with importing it to the Uk and it was an Orion (USA) with a velcro seam. It was superb and I had no problems with it ( or dew, for that matter) and I would reccomend it. Cheers, bob.
  15. That sounds like a great deal Daz, I'll have to check out my local Astronomy club, I'm sure theres one based in Glasgow and I think they have access to Glasgow Universitys observatory. Nothing ventured, nothing gained , as they say, and at the very least I might find someone to help collimate my scope! Cheers, bob.
  16. I think I may have been a bit harsh on the focusser, after some experimentation today it seems OK. I know what you mean about those roller bearings Steve, they may need replacing. I just wish I could get a clear night up here, I have two new eyepieces waiting for a try out . At least the dark nights are heading back in, shouldnt be too long untill Orion is riding high in the sky, and before we know it, Saturn should be back on view again, now if only those clouds would get lost...... Cheers, Bob.
  17. Gaz as far as I can remember it seemed to fit ok, but it wasnt very good so I got shot of it almost as soon as I got it. Since then Ive only been using 1.25" EP's but in the last couple of weeks I've managed to pick up a Nagler 9mm and a Meade Ultra Wide Angle 14mm and they are both combined 1.25"/2" barrels. Its maybe just my imagination that they are a tight fit, I'll have another try at it tomorrow and see how I get on. The scope is still under guarantee so if there was a problem I imagine it would just be a case of sending the focusser back for a replacement. Cheers, Bob.
  18. Thanks for the welcome guys. Gaz, I have found the Revelation to be very good so far, but just in the last couple of weeks I have managed to pick up a couple of decent 2" Eyepieces as well as the Jim Fly 2" collimation tools and I have to say they are a very tight fit in the focusser, needing a bit of jiggling and twisting to get them in. some of the collimation tools were almost painful to fit in the focusser, I ended up having to take the brass compression ring out to get them to fit, so that was a bit dissapointing. maybe Ive just got a duff focusser? Cheers, Bob.
  19. Hello guys, I joined the forum a few weeks back but havent got around to posting anything yet, although I have been reading a lot of the posts. Its nice to find a U.K. based forum, where it should be a change to talk in "real" money and , unfortunately, "real" prices when discussing purchasing new gear. Im a member on the Cloudy Nights forum and while I think its a great community, with a lot of great members, its nice to also have a UK site to frequent. At least I'll know what time of day it is for you guys when Im posting! I recognise a few user names from CN so Im not a total stranger. Anyhow, I have a Revelation 10" Dob and prior to that I had an Orion 127 starmax Mak, and Im always ready with a question, or an opinion! Cheers, Bob.
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