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  1. I have a 200P on an EQ5, and find that for visual use it is perfectly acceptable, the tubular stainless steel tripod legs make a real difference to the stability of the setup.

    I also use the EQ5 with my TAL 100RS refractor and with the 4" scope it is a marriage made in heaven.:p

    I added dual motor drives, which I managed to get second hand for a reasonable price, and Im more than happy with the mount.

    The 200P ota is very good, and is fairly lightweight, and easy to move around.

    all in all I am more than happy with the scope/mount combination, and unless I fancied moving into imaging ( and losing what little hair I have left :headbang:) I dont think I would consider buying a bigger/heavier mount...unless the right deal came up.;)

  2. I often feel privileged to be able to see something so far away that it is unknown and unseen to the majority of people, who will probably never have the opportunity to see what I am seeing, almost makes me feel sometimes like knocking on the neighbours doors and sharing it with them :headbang:

  3. If the powerbreaker is plugged into your mains socket indoors, can you then plug an extension lead into the powerbreaker and then the TAL transformer into the extension lead and still be protected, ( sorry if thats a stupid question) or would you need two powerbreakers, one in the mains socket and one between the transformer and the extension lead? :)

  4. Sounds good, I dont have any intentions of using it for anything other than visual .

    I was wondering about using it away from home if an EQ5 mount would be capable of holding the TAL ota, although I gather that I would have to get some seperate tube rings as the TAL ones are permanently attatched to the mount?

  5. Hi Andy, thanks for your swift response.

    So basically for use in the garden from the house mains it will track things fine for visual use ? :(

    Im a bit wary about using something plugged into the mains in damp/dewy conditions though.:)

    Ive been looking at all the usual sites to try and find a user manual or list of parts to make sure there is nothing missing when I go to pick it up.

    But even the main TAL site has nothing, as I think they have stopped making this particular model of scope ?

  6. I use the Vega version in the above review(no longer available).

    As well as the convenience of using a battery, they also run the motor at the 'correct' speeds.


    Andy, would I be correct in thinking that without this adapter the motor, when powered from the mains will not allow the telescope to track in RA at the required speed ? :)

    Having just about made a suicidal move ( as far as my marriage is concerned :() buying a motorised TAL 150, the prospect of forking out even more on an adapter of some kind (which at 99 Euros aint too cheap) , is none too thrilling :eek:.

  7. I've been logging the number of clear skies around new moon and full moon here in Taunton since August 2006 - up until June 2008 we had 8 clear nights within 2 nights of new moon and 30 clear nights within 2 nights of full moon. Something happened in June 2008 where the numbers of clear nights around either phase began to be more equal to the extent that after some 43 lunations we've had 31 clear nights around new moon and 57 around full... it's still pretty showing that full moon is indeed clearer...


    PS... I've also logged the number of nights I've been able to actually get out and observe around each phase - it's 17 for new moon and 38 for full moon... that's really not fair :eek:

    James...you have too much time on your hands...:(:)

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