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  1. Stefan, Welcome from North Hampshire :-)
  2. Hey Tom, Welcome from North Hampshire :-)
  3. Thank you again! So pictures can come out very good! I have yet to see the ring Nebula even as a fuzzy yet, I am going to try what you have said David.
  4. Also, Not sure how I can Piggyback my Camera on to the Celestron NexStar 127 SLT OTA. I'm not sure if all the fittings are the same as the Sky watcher 127 or how I would go about it. Any Ideas, I have thought about parcel tape but that might get messy!!! Is there a Dovetail adapter I can use to attach the camera to the tripod??? Thanks Aaron
  5. Thanks for the reply guys, I just need to work out how to focus on something like M13 - as you cant really see it in the viewer of my EOS500 is it a case of keep focusing to you get it right?
  6. Welcome from North Hampshire :-)
  7. Welcome from North Hampshire :-)
  8. Hey Malx, Welcome form north Hampshire :-)
  9. Welcome from me - Nice choice of scope ;-)
  10. Hey Niall, Welcome from North Hampshire :-)
  11. ezza123

    Hello all

    Hey Jinxy, Welcome from north Hampshire :-)
  12. ezza123

    Hai :D

    Hey Little D and welcome from me :-)
  13. Hey Peeps Has anyone created any deep sky images with a Skywatcher/Celestron 127 MAK? It must be possible...or am I only hoping too much??? Thanks Aaron
  14. Welcome From north Hampshire :-)
  15. ezza123

    Newbie from Donny

    Welcome from another 127 Mak User in North Hampshire :-)
  16. ezza123

    Hi Everyone

    Now your going to have even more choices to make on what you get! Welcome from North Hampshire :-)
  17. Frank, Welcome from North Hampshire :-)
  18. Hey Andy, Welcome from North Hampshire :-)
  19. Welcome from North Hampshire :-)
  20. ezza123


    Georger - Welcome to SGL from North Hampshire :-)
  21. Welcome from North Hampshire :-)
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