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  1. Reading the "Iridium?" post I assume it was the ISS, also dimming the more east it went. Oh well - impressive for my first site of it!
  2. Evening - I was just having a nose around the skies in Basingstoke and a very bright light caught my eye going west to east 10:13pm GMT- just checked Stellarium and if i am right it was the ISS - is this right? is it very bright? anyone else see this??
  3. Welcome = I joined a few days ago I am from Basingstoke also...
  4. Nice to see such a friendly bunch of peeps!!! I'm wavering on a Sky watcher Skymax 127 SynScan Telescope so I can be a little more mobile and take it on holidays and it seems to have loads of good reviews..still I am happy with my binos for the time being.....also interesting about telescope planet don't you think....
  5. Thank you peeps for all your warm welcome - hoping the cloud fades this evening for some more new views tonight!
  6. Hello all, This is a variation of my first post from another forum a few days ago.... Last Week I got a pair of Meade 10x50 Binoculars from an on-line retailer, I read that I should try out binoculars first before going for a scope. We have had few clear nights over north Hampshire for me to use them and I have been happy with my observations. At this time the Beehive Cluster and Pleiades are my most interesting finds so far.....(yes I know I have a long way to go!!) I am still deciding on what telescope to go for budget of around 350 that is portable and can view moon planets and some DSO's there are so many opinions from people on what to get. I am reading all the links posted here and learning fast! Anyway - that's my hello - hope you are all well. Aaron - Basingstoke
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