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  1. Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions. I did find the problem. Photoshop was not pulling up the correct monitor profile and neither was the windows photo viewer. I found a way to fix it by changing the settings in photoshop: Assign Working RGB: sRGB IEC61966-2.1 Check View/Proof Colors but I had to keep doing that every time I opened an image and even during processing. Then I found this article that let me change the default setting in Windows Color Management. https://community.adobe.com/t5/photoshop/always-have-to-enable-quot-proof-colors-quot/td-p/10053422?page=1
  2. I think I need help with my Photoshop settings. I've been processing my photos and been very unhappy/depressed with the results. I then realized that they looked a lot better on my phone than on my PC screen. I did some testing and I discovered that Photoshop (CS4 - both 32bit and 64bit) and the basic Windows viewer [the two things I've been using all this time to look at my images] are displaying poorer quality views of my images than other viewers or programs. (see attached images) I think I just noticed this because I just got a CMOS OSC camera and was expecting a lot better than i
  3. Note on this issue: A suggestion from another forum seems to have found the problem but I'm not sure. It was suggested that after 3 hours my power tank was drained enough to inhibit the operation of the cooler. I attached my second (smaller) power tank and it seems to be working now. Of course the camera sat for awhile before I was given the idea that power was the issue and decided to try a test with a new power source. If anyone has any additional information or suggestion for me they would be appreciated. Original issue is below: HELP PLEASE! ASI294 MC Pro Stopped cooling Also
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