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  1. I take the top part off of my barlow lens that the lens goes in, and screw the botton half of my barlow with the lens into my T adapter, but I only use it for Lunar shots.
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    From the album: birds

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    From the album: birds

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    From the album: birds

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    From the album: birds

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    From the album: birds

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    From the album: birds

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    From the album: birds

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    From the album: birds

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    From the album: birds

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    From the album: birds

  12. I do use my Dobsonian 8in for photos of the moon and planets, the moon is the easiest to start with, good luck.
  13. Looks just like the one I built a few years ago, even the rubberband on the side, great results on that Orion shot.
  14. Short test shots till you get the focus you are looking for.
  15. The ETX 80 can be used for widefield piggyback shots of the Milky Way, Star Fields, and some brighter Nebulas. I looked at your Sony camera on line and it looks like the max exp time on it is 15 sec which is a little short, but you might get some decent consellation shots if you raise the ISO all the way. At the minimum you should get a DSLR, entry level can be found for 300-400 dollars. Once you get the DSLR running on top of your ETX you can get some decent shots that will get you used to shooting at night and editing the photos. Feel free to check out the pics on my profile, they were shot with an entry level DSLR on top of a ETX 60.
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  17. nice shot, especially on a camera phone.
  18. Finally got a break in the cloulds so I could see if my new focuser on my 8 inch dob will let my Nikon D40 come to foucus. Happy with the results since there was a very thin clouud cover.
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    Lunar shots from 8in dob, aipitek digicam and 25mm eyepiece
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