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  1. Why not raise your budget to £ 800? At this price you can have excellent quality binoculars that you will be satisfied with and that will serve you for many years.
  2. Nikon Action EX 10x50 - lightweight, portable and user friendly, gives a good view Tento 20x60 - i don't use them anymore, quite good image despite the age of these binoculars APM 20x80 ED - with ED lenses gives magnificent, extra sharp view, the most used Celestron Skymaster 25x100 - big fat thing that gives low-quality image but far beyond the magnitude of binoculars listed above Orion Paragon HD Tripod
  3. Hello. As this is my first post, I would like to welcome you all. I also noticed this object. It was flying so slowly that I had time to tell the other person to look at it. The object flew westward and disappeared shortly after it appeared. For a meteor, it was very spectacular. The incident took place around 22-23 near Venlo (NL) (I don't remember the exact time). I didn't notice the smudge, although I admit that I was busy with other things.
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