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  1. Thanks for the help everyone, i purchased the William Optics 2'' Diagonal i mentioned in my previous comment. I tried to attach my eyepiece to the diagonal, it was quite a struggle and it seemed that it didn't want to fit anywhere and i had no other converters or whatever to attach it properly. I did manage to remove a part of the diagonal and just put my eyepiece in there. It seemed that everywhere i tried the threading wasn't compatible and didn't want to attach securely. I'm not sure if i put it on right, but when i put it in the way that i did (see pictures) i could aim it at jupiter and see its moons and i saw the rings of saturn as well (i took some pics with my phone but it's pretty hard). Is this the correct way to put it in? Also, it didn't 'zoom in' super far and i couldn't see details on jupiter for example, is that possible with that eyepiece? (2'' 25mm william optics swan). The thickest attachment on the first picture was part of the top side (of picture) of the diagonal and had 2 screws in it. I removed that and put my eyepiece in there. I attached the other side to the telescope. The other attachments i found belonged to the cameras, they couldn't be attached properly and i didn't use them. There was a tree near jupiter so that is also visible on the picture.
  2. Thanks everyone for your comments, i will purchase a diagonal. Is it best to buy one that is more 'compatible' with the telescope and therefore from the same manufacturer or are there options that work exactly the same for a better price? The shop in my country where my father purchased is one of the few if not only official sellers of William Optics products and when i search for diagonals the first one that pops up is called 'William Optics 2'' Diagonal DuraBright Dielectric Carbon Fiber' and it costs 175 euros. Is this a good purchase?
  3. He only recently bought the equipment before his sickness so i am actually not even sure if it was completed/got everything he wanted. I'll list some of the main items he bought. William Optics Fluorostar 132, ZWO ASI294MC PRO, Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro, ZWO 60mm guide scope, ZWO ASI290 Mini, some filters, lrgb, ir-uv cut, optolong l-enhance, zwo asiair I hope that is enough, thank you for the help
  4. Hi, some time ago my father passed away and left us with the equipment he had bought before he became sick. He always used simple amateur stuff in the past and the new equipment he bought was really expensive as he wanted to upgrade to a more 'professional' set up, he never really got around to using it properly and it has been collecting dust in my garage. It is quite complicated and recently i have been trying to look stuff up and make things work but it's not working out, perhaps there are some extra things i would need to purchase to adapt it to my personal wishes. It's mostly stuff for dso astrophotography as far as i know, but i want to start simple and involve my kids by visually looking at the moon or planets (no cameras). Unfortunately i could only find one eyepiece which says it's 25mm focal length, i aimed at the moon with the telescope with this specific eyepiece but all i saw was a white fuzzy blob. I tried to play back and forth with the focuser but nothing seemed to be happening, i think i read that this eyepiece might not be suitable for looking at the moon? I also tried to pull the eyepiece out farther to see if it would change anything but the visual image stayed the same. I did look op the info of the telescope: Aperature: 132 mm Focal Ratio: F/7 Focal length: 925 mm Could someone recommend eyepieces with focal lengths that are compatible with this telescope to look at the moon and planets? (If that is the problem). Thanks in advance for any help.
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