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  1. Morning, Thank you for clearing all that up nicely. I feel bit of an idiot right now. So much to learn and not enough clear sky’s currently. The scope is planned for Astrophotography, but still waiting on one or two bits to allow me to connect the camera. So basically just been playing and trying to learn a little. as a complete novice, is there any other bits you would suggest I invest in?? Again, thank you for the help and pointing me in the right directions.
  2. Hi Philip, thank you for the reply and Advice. All very confusing currently, but I’ll learn no doubt
  3. Hi and thank you for getting back to me. Attached are the photos of Barlow Lens and the attachments that came with the scope itself.
  4. Hi Everybody, Okay, so I am a newcomer to Astrophotography, Previously I have obtained fairly good quality images of the Milky Way, Northern Lights and Lightening using my Canon 70D and various lens. But now I have taken the plunge and moved onwards and upwards. I have this last week received a Skywatcher Evostar 80Ed DS Pro set up and also the EQ5 Pro Mount Synscan Goto. On top of this I ordered a x2 Barlow as I have read a lot about them, or so I thought. I am 100% still learning with the Synscan system, but what is giving me sleepless nights is how I connect the Barlow lens. I have googled it and watched videos, but still struggling. I understand it goes after my diagonal and then the eyepiece goes on after the Barlow. But I seems I don’t actually have the connectors or something to then reattach the Barlow. The Barlow lens is a Skywatcher branded one, so I assumed it would be straight forward, even for somebody with zero experience on setting it all up. Could any of you kind people advise me on this And explain what on earth I am doing wrong please.
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