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  1. As the nights are dire here I have decided to do some tests in the day. I attached my Camera (Nikon D60)to the Scope, after a few issues I got it working. I noticed that through the view finder I got a ring pattern over the image. Focusing was fine, I did notice the huge effect of touch the scope here, lots of shaking. So I took a shot of the braches on a tree, then took the SD over to my PC to view the results. http://www.the-bitz-store.co.uk/img/DSC_0002.JPG The picture is very dark, any tips why this is?
  2. Another hazy night over Birmingham only the moon visable here and very hazy... RS232 port didnt fit i have had to order a different version. LOL
  3. I just downloaded the and tried it using a Playstation 2 Eyetoy and it work fine (hacked drivers for the eyetoy)
  4. I think ill be sticking to the moon for a while, the light polution where I live at present is bad. Ill start my tinkering this evening
  5. I have done the basic set the scope up (none aligned) have a look at the Moon, got a rough idea where im going now. Now I have an overload of things to tinker with... Computer link up (PCMCIA RS232 card arrived today) setting up my Neximage CCD. I think I need a Plan of action.. Tonight if it does not go all hazy AGAIN !!! A calibrated setup using the Equitorial Wedge. (actually i think that was far easier by hand on my old Equitorial Ziess refractor I do miss the over engineered feeling that beast had.) After thats done, a PC link to see if I can get the controls sorted. Now should I jumo into the CCD or should I just stick with that for the moment.
  6. A specialist Courier, im sure there are some that dont play football with there parcels! So the 50" will cost a small fortune... how about the rest of the gubbins its going to need at least a triple garage size building for housing it. And a fridge for the beer
  7. Hi I have just registered to the forum, Im just getting back into things (use to star gaze when i was a kid) as of yesterday I bought a Nexstar 4SE with a few other goodies. Im planning on moving later this year out to the sticks and hopefully mch better viewing skies.
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