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  1. Just watched the show on Iplayer with a tear in my eye at the very respectful and fitting end of the show. I sincerely hope that the team of the two Chris', Paul and Pete continue the show following in the footsteps of Patrick. They have my full and unstinting support.
  2. My local Tesco are selling these Red Led Wands for £2.00. I Can't see them on their website, but this is what they look like: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rolson-Light-Wand-with-Whistle/dp/B0091E2YJQ The one light is white, but the other LED is red.
  3. Is the mount and the part that is broken a single, solid casting, or is it made of separate parts?
  4. TAL 1 - gave me 15 years of great service before I upgraded. Absolutely yes!
  5. FWIW, I've managed to connect my Canon 1000d to my 250 Flextube using the T ring and camera mount and achieved focus without any problems at all,
  6. Mine cost £750 from Amazon and I got the canon 'cashback/promotion' deal with a £150 training voucher and instructional DVD set. I'm very pleased with it. Edit - ooops, mine is the plain 60d - not the 60Da version.
  7. I made my from black neoprene sheet and used self adhesive velcro to attach it to my telescope. And very easy it was too. I got the sheet from these people: Economy Neoprene Rolls | Homecrafts.co.uk No connection to the supplier, just a happy customer.
  8. Have you watched the recent 'Sherlock' episode? Y'know, the Baskervilles one?!
  9. We have a black cat, and so do our neighbours. When observing in the garden in the dark and concentrating at the eyepiece, one or the other comes along and rubs against your leg. Despite knowing its going to happen, it's always a shock when it does.
  10. Welcome to the forum! Beach fishing and astronomy seem to be made for each other! I'm sure that any questions you ask will be answered, but to start you off, I'd recommend that you download Stellarium as a starter and this will allow you to get your bearings around the night sky.
  11. Ctrl+B brings up a Telrad reticule in the normal sky view.
  12. I really enjoyed it. If I'm being critical, the Liz Bonham stuff was superfluous and I'd like to have seen more of what you can see from your back garden stuff. I really enjoyed the later programmes, especially 2 and 3. John Culshaw was a sort of Everyman/layman and his impression was very funny. Best of all was my 14 year old daughter seeing young (and female) scientists and realising that she could do this, and these Doctors were very open about saying that we don't know it all, and there's still lots to discover - very inspiring. Also, there was no Jonathon Ross.
  13. Those photos are just stunning. I love them! Well done to you.
  14. Stellarium for me. Easy to use, nice features, and looks good.
  15. We stayed in the hotel Centrum in Reykyavik - very comfortable and great breakfasts that allowed you to fill up and avoid lunch. For dinner in Reykjavik try Icelandic Fish and Chips by the old harbour, and the famous hotdogs from the various stalls. We stayed in one of the Chalets at Hotel Geysir in geysir. Comfortable, but the restaurant choices are limited and of course, quite expensive as far as we were used to. Very dark skies though! We spent 2 days in Reykjavik - when you're there climb to the top of the Cathedral to get the best view of the city. Whale watching is good, but unless you go to the north you will probably only see dolphins and minke whales. A lot of the operators offer an additional trip if you don't see a whale the first time round. Try the Malt drink and hang out in the coffee shops (esp Mocca). View the Viking sagas in the museum. Pingvellir is just 'wow' and a must see. Geysir is ok - a bit of a tourist trap, but worth a few hours of your time - we stayed for 3 days and it was too much. We hired a 4wd estate from Europcar. Driving is easy and everyone is well behaved on the roads. Most of the inland roads through the country are closed in the winter. The peninsular around Keflavik is well worth a look and less touristy than the other parts we visited. If we were to go again (and I'd like to) I'd like to have gone north to see some bigger whales and I'd have liked to explore the southern coast. It's always windy (even when it's sunny) so lots of lipsalve and layers is the order of the day. Food, drink and eating out is expensive (but you know that!) but diesel was cheaper than UK prices. You can stock up in the supermarkets for packed lunches etc. Finish off your holiday with a trip to the blue lagoon - wives/girlfriends/kids will love it (and to be honest, so did I!). While you're there, try out the dipped ice creams in the cafe. I'd certainly go back, given the chance. Great scenery and the people are cool and laid back. Have a great trip!
  16. For me, Simon Singh's Big Bang is a great book that explains in terms I can understand how the big bang theory came about. His 'Fermats Last Theorem' is a corker as well.
  17. Mine seems to hold its collimation very well. I've made some finger adjustment screws to replace the grub screws that adjust the secondary, but so far, I've not had any need to adjust them from their original setting. I think that the storage for the flex tube is an attractive option, and that was a major influence on my purchase.
  18. You can use dental floss between 2 fingers and use it as a conformal 'saw' to saw underneath the adhesive. This will allow you to remove most of the foam tape. Then you can use WD 40 to remove the adhesive residue. Using dental floss rather than a razor or knife lessens any risk of damaging your paint finish.
  19. Try these guys: UNF Cap Screws I ordered some hex head screws off them a day ago and they arrived today. No connection to the supplier; just a very satisfied customer.
  20. It's very stable in use due to the thickness of the brass brackets. If I were to do it again, I'd make the uprights a little narrower at the top as you can't get the narrowest adjustment in inter pupilliary distance (not that it's a problem for me). Also, the C of G of the binos is slightly forward of the front post, so the rear post doesn't support any weight, though it does provide stability. The next thing to make is a parallelogram for it.
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