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  1. That's a really nice piece of work!
  2. +1 for using a heavy duty craft knife to score along the cut line on both sides first. Using a fine tooth Japanese pull saw to make the final cut works well. You could always measure up beforehand and get the store to do straight cuts. I think that most do a certain amount free of charge and then make a small charge for the rest. If you do this go to the store at a quiet time mid week or so - this gets you on the good side of the staff.
  3. It's pretty simple to make your own case. Lots of the DIY stores offer a cutting service so all you need to do is work out your measurements before you go there. One thing I'd advise against is making your box too study - it's easy to get carried away and make one out of 12mm ply when 6mm and even some sides of 4mm ply proves to be more than adequate.
  4. I think that the general opinion is that closed tube newtonians don't really need dew shields and that they don't offer any benefit with regard to stray light. On my flex tube I've made a foam shield to fit the middle section as this should stop stray light impinging on the mirror as the lower tube is not that long and close to the ground; so there is the possibility that street lights could shine directly on the mirror. Flocking the internal surfaces of the tube seems to be the accepted solution for increasing contrast.
  5. Thanks for that - it's the first time I've seen the whole interview.
  6. USB is usually specified for a maximum of 5 mtrs. To run further than that you should consider getting what's called a USB 2.0 Active extension/repeater cable. There's plenty of options to buy them on the net and you can extend to 20 mtrs. I run a 10 mtr cable from my scope into my house without problems. As for the software then Sharpcap is the one I use, but others are available. Good luck!
  7. I think it all depends on the focus that you can get with the focuser on your telescope. I seem to recall that lots of people have trouble in getting the CCD chip as deep as possible into the focus tube where it's needed, but as Jambouk says, there's only one way to find out and that's to try it.
  8. I watched it the other night and the changes to the format are growing on me. I thought that Jon Culshaw's contribution was entirely appropriate and for the naysayers out there, there was not one impression. I vote for Foundaplanet as president as well.
  9. Could you araldite some neodymium magnets to it and attach it to your tube that way?
  10. I'd previously modded my Telrad to put in a dew heater, but it was eating batteries and they made the whole thing a lot heavier so I decided that I'd make a dewshield. I had some thin titanium sheet and made a paper template to ensure a good fit and attached it with some 0 size machine screws. Whilst I was at it, I made up some new larger adjusting knobs out of aluminium and knurled them for a better grip. Whilst I was doing this the thought occurred to make a better speed control knob for the focuser so I made one up as well.
  11. So, is that a power supply for the Hubble telescope to run it on the ground? I got my psu from Maplins and it was a LOT cheaper!
  12. I saw it the other evening and it was quite dim - it was only visible using averted vision, event though the sky was quite dark. I think that the transparency of the sky is quite important as the comet is quite low on the horizon.
  13. Hurrah! I finally got to see it last night through some thin cloud. It's been a long time coming.
  14. Completely cloudy here last night. Woke up this morning to clear blue skies - now it's clouded over again. Grrrr
  15. Gweedo

    Telrad Mod

    Ha! I like it - a sawn off telrad!
  16. Thanks for that - there are a lot of interesting documentaries for cloudy nights on that.
  17. My copy arrived in the post this morning and I'm looking forwards to some clear skies and getting out with the binos. Looking forwards to the next one - well done!
  18. I've just received my bahtinov mask from Morris Engraving. I made a query 2 days ago and Keith promptly answered and I placed an order. It arrived this morning and the quality really is first class. I'm very pleased.
  19. Sometimes I'll go out with a specific aim, such as concentrating on one particular constellation for example. Other times, I just go out and look in the area that's most convenient. If there's a planet that always gets a look. As for timings, I'll stay out for as long as it takes to get uncomfortable or frustrated. On work days I'll stay out until about 10 and on weekends maybe a bit later. I've never pulled an all-nighter though, but I have got the scope out if I've woken early and there's time before setting off to work.
  20. It was all looking good for me so I headed up to the top of the mountain to ensure that I had a good horizon. Just as it got dark a large cloud moved in front of the moon and stayed there virtually till moonset. Bah! I'll try again today.
  21. The people that you need to speak to in your council will be called something like your 'Street Care' or 'Street Scene' service. The chances are that they'll be used to getting calls like this and they will want to help. As Jim said, don't complain - they are people just like us!
  22. I think that we need to understand that Chris L, Chris N, Pete, Paul, Lucie and Jon probably have families and professional careers and that they get precious little income from the BBC for their appearances on the Sky at Night. As such, I don't think that any of them could (or should) drop their other commitments solely for the programme. Sir Patrick was a special case in many ways as he was an author and single man and therefore probably able to devote most of his time for the programme. Having a range of presenters will reduce the burden on any single one to carry the show by themselves and will allow us, as viewers, to have some variety. I think that a collective breath and pause should be taken for a while. It's only been 2 episodes without Patrick and the team needs to find their feet and ease into their roles, whatever they may be. The programme does need to move on and build upon the format so wonderfully captained by Patrick, but as other posters have said, he is no longer with us and the programme would be worse for trying to be the same when he was at the helm. I, for one, am reassured and pleased that the BBC seems to be committed to the continuation of the Sky at Night, and I wish all the team the very best.
  23. +1 for Making Every Photon Count. Ordered it last week and I've been wondering since why I didn't start with this.
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