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  1. I managed to video it from South East Wales (51.6N). It seems we had 2 displays, one just past midnight and a second just as dawn was breaking. I never thought I'd see an aurora from my house! https://youtu.be/OowtVL8jl9Y
  2. Last night I set up my camera on time lapse and managed to capture the aurora all the way down here in Newport, South East Wales. I'm absolutely chuffed to bits. It looks as though it came in 2 waves; just after midnight and the second just as dawn was breaking. I'm editing the footage now.
  3. I get more specific warnings from the met office as part of my work. Over the weekend we went through the tail end of a CME which is still active. Tonight (well. a few hours ago) we get one full on hence the Red Alert. Luckily it's cloud free down here. I've not much hope, but I will keep an eye out.
  4. Just got it with binos down here in clear sky, but cold Wales.
  5. I wrote to him prior to the Beagle 2 landing sending him our best wishes as a family and hoping that the landing would be a success for British science and engineering. Despite what must have been an incredibly busy time for him, he was gracious enough to reply to my family, and did so again once it was confirmed that the spacecraft was lost. A true gent, that through force of personality and drive made something happen despite the best efforts of beaurocrats to stymy him. RIP, and thank you
  6. Mars is pretty low at the moment - as such, we're looking at it through a lot of atmosphere which causes the clarity to be affected. I was observing Mars the other night and from my site it was pretty blurry in spite of every thing; and this was a 10 inch scope. For what it's worth, here's what I think: Are you sure that your scope is in collimation? Have a look at some of the threads on here about collimating your scope. High magnifications often make the image worse; it's sometimes better to use a lower magnification. Objects higher in the sky often appear clearer as there's less atmosphere to look through. 'Seeing' - that is the clarity of the atmosphere changes from night to night and hour by hour. It could be that the general atmospheric conditions aren't that good. Have a look at your observing site. My home is at the bottom of a valley and it's pretty much atrocious all the time. I get better seeing if I go up to the mountains. Finally, your observing skills will sharpen the more you observe so keep at it! I hope that helps a bit.
  7. Have a look at these from CPC farnell. I've got 3 and I think that they're great. http://cpc.farnell.com/duratool/d01921/case-water-resistant-270x250x125/dp/SG33189 It's also worth browsing their other tool storage items
  8. That's clever, that is. I like it!
  9. Thanks to Mr Dobson I've seen wonders that would have forever been out of reach. RIP and thank you.
  10. Have a look at this thread: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/143006-1100d-external-power-help/ it may help
  11. I've heard about people using magnets for attaching taxi signs on cars - apparently they already come coated with rubber to prevent scratches to car bodywork.
  12. Sign me up for the Carolyn Porco fan club. I thought she was intelligent, articulate and fiesty and I'd love to hear more from her I thought she really added to the programme. Chris Hadfield is epic too.
  13. Great to think that you could see 4 planets at the same time (i'm counting earth here as well!)
  14. I managed to catch the trio last night at about 2145hrs just as twilight was settling. A lovely sight that all the family witnessed.
  15. I think that once you get a lathe and start making things it brings along a mindset of 'I can have a go at that'. Surely, you'll have some failures, but more often than not, you'll succeed. Once this happens, your confidence increases and away you go. I'm sure that some of the things I've made could have been bought cheaper than the time and effort in making them on the lathe, but that's not really the point; there's satisfaction in making something from nothing. On my telescope I've made all the adjusting screws on the primary and secondary, Telrad adjusters and mounts for the handsets. I didn't really 'need' them, but I've had a great deal of satisfaction in making them. You're embarking on a great journey!
  16. Now you've started, you won't stop. Don't fear thread cutting on the lathe. I did for years and only recently took it upon myself to have a go. It really is straightforward and all you need to do is think about what you;re doing and be methodical. My last threading effort was an internal filter thread on a camera nose piece and it really is rewarding to think that you can do this. Gears still fill me with fear though!
  17. Well done Cdr Hadfield - he really has brought public interest back into spaceflight. I thought the scenes in which the earth was in the background from the cupola really brought it home that he was away from his home planet.
  18. I'd go for a mixture of self adhesive cable clips and a heavy duty velcro to mount the usb hub. They won't mar the tube and it can all be packed away,. I used some of the velcro the other week and I'm very impressed with how secure it is
  19. It's obvious to me that they no longer have a base to work from. Farthings, along with SPMs health , provided a central location at which the specialists visited and acted as a central hub for the programme to work around. All the episodes so far have been from location which to my mind doesn't have the same feel as the earlier programmes.
  20. That's a very big jigsaw piece. Is it the right way up?
  21. sounds interesting - any photos?
  22. I think that Chris Lintott is getting into his stride and the programme seems to be more confident in itself over the last 2 episodes. Has anyone listened to the 'Recycled Electrons' Podcast with Chris L? It's very good and I feel that he shows a bit more of his personality in it.
  23. You may also need to use the full length of the focus available in your telescope, so try both ends of focus travel - both fully in and out. When using mine the focus point is vastly different from when using eyepieces.
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