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  1. Thank you for the info dp! I will take some time to process it. I finally found some info about my scope (it had no name plate) It is a "Stargazer 8" Newtonian" or at least very similar to one. Meade Newtonian 8" f/4.5 1140mm Telescope It's much longer than the short catadioptic scopes that are common these days. It looks ancient. Maybe I overpaid? The mount has no other connector besides the AC cord.
  2. Hello all! I am trying to introduce my daughters to sciences and I have had my eye out for a nice telescope. I always liked the idea of astronomy when I was a kid but was terribly frustrated by the lousy quality of stuff which really should be classified as toys. Anyway, a few weeks ago I drove by a garage sale around the corner and out on the driveway was a meade 8" newtonian. I tried to talk the guy down, but he wouldnt budge. I did get him to thrown in a 2nd eyepeice. The scope is mounted on a heavy stand (not a tripod) and it has an electric drive. So, this is what I have: Meade 8" newtonian heavy (and stable) stand with motor drive 2" focuser with fine focus and 1.25" reducer 25mm meade ma 25mm multicoated 12.5mm plossl here are my questions: Are the plossl objectives listed on ebay good value? Does a barlow reduce the image quality? The motor drive plugs into a wall AC socket, is there a way to use battery power? (I want to take it camping). Can I see nebulas with this scope? The pics I see of them are fantastic, but perhaps they are only visible with long exposures. I found a website that will show me skymaps, so I can know what will be out on a given night. Is there a calendar of events somewhere so that I can plan outings? (meteor showers, close planets, comets, other??) Can I connect a digicam to the scope or does it require special optics, or a cam with no optics? Sorry to ask so many questions at once, but its a big sky out there.
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