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  1. Thanks all for coming back to me - strangely, when I stacked the lights with the calibration frames the stars were ok ! - I will check collimation next time I'm out (I've got a home made artificial star so will have a go with that as I only collimated without the corrector in ! Thanks, Graham.
  2. Hi all, Although not new to Astro imaging I’m new to imaging with a Celestron C8. I’ve recently also got hold of a Celestron f6.3 flattener/reducer and tonight is the first time using the combination on a DSO. I’m shooting M51 with 420 second subs on a ZWO 294mc pro, Mount is a NEQ6 and Polar alignment is good. Using an ASIAIR pro to control the rig. Guided and guiding is ok. backspacing is as per specification and I focussed on Capella with a Bhatinovmask. ive attached a couple of screenshots of the subs, one overall and a second closing in on the right hand side at
  3. Thank you, have downloaded and works much better than Lightroom - I couldn’t see the join! Graham
  4. Hi all, I imaged the moon last night, with my Celestron C8 and EOS600d camera. 2 videos converted in pipp to .avi and stacked in Autostakkert, then merged in Lightroom. I’ve noticed lines where the join is and also a white line around the circumference of the moon which I’ve photoshopped out. What mosaic software are you using to merge files, as many people use MS Ice, but I’m a Mac user, but I do have a old Windows 10 laptop, but MS seem to have discontinued Ice ? thanks Graham
  5. Great video, and very inspirational. I’ve got a spare a Keter 6x5 plastic shed that I’m going to use, like you I’ll just be placing it first, with the scope on a tripod until I decide on final location. I’ll then build a pier and a decent base. I’ve removed the roof and will use your copper pipe brace trick to stabilise it. Off to B&Q tomorrow ! thanks, Graham
  6. Hi, thanks, I used Lightroom Merge, as I use an iMac, and it looks as Microsoft ice is no longer available ? ( I have got an old Windows 10 laptop that I occasionally use but it’s a bit slow ) Graham
  7. While waiting for my M101 to be processed, which will take ages !, I played around with a Mosaic of the Moon from Friday 19th March with the Celestron C8 - There is so much to learn here so total respect to the experts on here who have this process nailed - It's a first attempt for me and obviously I need to plan better, and also get a handle on how to handle the contrasting backgrounds. has anyone found a good online or written resource for Mosaics ? One thing I do love from the Video capture, transfer to tiff and merge into a mosaic is the quality you can get - Early steps but I'm hav
  8. Hi, how do you get Auto AP's on the surface selection, I can only get 1 box, in order to get any AP's I have to use planetary ? Thanks, Graham
  9. Thanks all so far, well trying various methods the main issue seems to consist of the program crashing due to lack of memory. I do use a laptop with 4gb of ram so this may be the culprits as the .ser files were 22gb each ( 1000frames at full resolution ). I also had an older version of AS loaded,I’ve now upgraded to the latest version. I don’t use the laptop very often as I’m mainly a Mac and ASIAIR user, but the air doesn’t let you use the full video capability of the 294mc pro, so if you want high res and large video files, I’ve had to start using the laptop. I now need to think of an
  10. I'll see what I can do when this finishes running ! Thanks, Graham.
  11. Thanks, most of the time and those shown were with the Planet setting rather than Surface, as that gave me the option to place AP's - When I first ran it I got the message that it was out of memory, but I was using 1000 frames and asking it to select the best 25% so I reduced the number of AP's - What I'm trying now is to run auto AP's and let it choose how many it needs, but restricted the stack to 500 with 10% selected. I also saw that the normalise stack option was set at 25%, so I've increased that now ! I'll let you know how it goes ! Graham.
  12. For completeness, here are the other two from the set. Thanks
  13. Hi, can anyone here help with an Autostakkart issue I've got ? I shot the Moon last night on the ZWO294 camera on my C8, 4 videos with the intention to stitch them together. I shot 1000 frames of each section, and selected 10%. In AS the individual frames look fine, but when stacked they blur is some areas and I get a bad alignment on the edges - the shots here are representative but not necessarily the worst. In addition the output image either as a .tiff or a .png is much darker than the image shown in AS, probably around 3 stops difference. (These were exposure increased in Lightr
  14. Thank you, looks like I’ll have to learn Sharpcap ! Graham
  15. To be fair, I nicked your colour scheme ! thanks, Graham
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