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  1. Hi all, Recently got a GP-DX with motors and an idea gotostar controller. The mount is in fantastic condition, except for a wobbly drive-shaft on the DEC-axis (and a broken motor casing). It's working, but I expect the wobbly axis will increase wear on the gears, and they are still so nice and shiny Was wondering if anybody here is still active, and may have some spares? Best regards, Han
  2. Hi all, Recently acquired a beautiful Vixen GP-DX with Idea Gotostar. To keep it in tiptop shape, I'm looking for the following items: - DEClination driving shaft. The current shaft driving the DEC-axis is slightly bent, causing the gears to mesh badly. They work, but the motor is having a hard time. - Motor assembly cover. Also from the DEC axis. Broken, probably during the same incident. Please let me know if you have anything.
  3. Thanks for the reply Mike. I'm pretty new so for me it's not that easy to tell what the effects are. But from your reply, and some other people I spoke with, it should be o.k. to live with. I was just a bit disappointed when I noticed, but guess the previous owner didn't see. Got a message that the seller offered me a partial refund. I guess I'll agree to that then and just try to enjoy the views Regards, Han
  4. I found out a diagonal I recently acquired from ebay has some very dim scratches on the mirror. I expect this to be caused by cleaning (I didn't touch it though!). Maybe 4 in total spaced evenly over the mirror's surface. I can't even see them except during daytime, when I hold the mirror close to an artificial light source. Then, at some angles, the scratches appear. Anybody wants to share her/his opinion on how they find scratches on the mirror affect performance? I'm thinking, maybe it's not really an issue, given they're so dim.
  5. Thanks all. Indeed, you can't keep tightening them without loosening others. I think maybe there's just a little burr on the thread, it's not going smooth either ways. But like I said, collimation isn't a problem so I'll just keep it as it is. If I ever take it apart I'll fix the thread by tapping it again, or putting in a helicoil. But thanks for all the replies it at least clarifies the mechanics. Han
  6. Thanks a lot for the picture. Is that from a Celestron SCT as well? Looks pretty straight forward. A pivot in the center and three bolts just threading into the aluminum base of the mirror bracket. Could be the thread is slightly damaged. I may have a look at it when I replace the bolts with Bobs knobs. Then again, I can still collimate the scope, so it’s not really broken, and if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.
  7. Happy that I've added 2 Halloweens to the case today, starting to look like a decent set! If anyone is able to help me fill the gaps, please let me know
  8. Hi all, Many hits on SCT collimation, but I can't find any info about the possibility to break the mirror bracket by over-tightening one of the collimation screws. With my scope (C5+), one of the three screws doesn't turn smoothly, and I wonder if this is caused by over-tightening in the past. Would be interested in a description or proper drawing on how exactly the secondary mirror is mounted, and how the screws tilt the mirror. Regards, Han
  9. Good choice that 40mm Halloween. The 25, is that an Ultima? Do you ship to mainland Europe? Regards, Han
  10. Hi all, Still looking for a slightly better than the standard Celestron diagonal my C5+ originally shipped with back in the 90's. Preferably a contemporary of the scope. Thanks, Han
  11. Hi all, Trying to blow new life into an SP-DX and I wonder if anyone has some spares such as the (brass colored) shaft and knob indicated in the picture. Thanks
  12. Looks like one rotation of the driving shaft on the mount is 10', so I need 1 rotation of the shaft every 10 minutes = 1rev/600sec. For 1/120 gear ratio that makes 1rev/5sec.
  13. Thanks, that should help even if it was only for inspiration. Guess the only unknown for me now is the gear ratio, I'll look at it tonight with the mount in my hands...
  14. Hi all, I'm on a diet astronomy budget and have got my hands on an old GP-DX mount with DEC-motor. It's a Nippon PF42-48i3 G. I've found one spec sheet so far (attached) and this motor seems to be controlled from a DD-2 or DD-3 controller, which I don't have, are hard to come by, and pricey. I do have an Arduino, some stepper controller IC's and all that so it should be easy to get the motor turning. Just wondering if there are more people around doing these things DIY and have more elaborate spec-sheets. Most important question now is how fast to turn the motor for proper DEC-t
  15. My little collection in a custom laser-cut inlay for a 'systainer' case. The systainer cases are easily stacked, so you can carry them as one. I've got my C5 in another systainer, but still have to do a second version of the laser-cut foam inlay for that one. For inquiries on how to make/order your own inlay don't hesitate to contact me. I can send you the drawing templates.
  16. Hi all, I've recently got a few of the 90's Celestron Halloween eyepieces from different sellers (see picture below) and have a questions regarding differences between the eyepieces. The 7.5, 17, and a 26mm all have O-rings. The second 26mm I've got (think they make a nice pair for bino-viewing) doesn't have this ring, and the cap is screwed tight so the groove is closed. Also, the lettering on this one is a more dark shade of red than the others. Can anybody tell me if this is an earlier/later production of the same eyepiece, and if it originally shipped without the O-ring? The
  17. Because I'm using my 90's Celestron C5 as a travel scope, and have limited space at home, I'm selling the mount it came with. It's an original Celestron mount, which goes well with this almost 'vintage' scope. The set consists of: - tripod - alt-az tabletop mount - eq-wedge - handheld controller When mounted on the eq-wedge, the motor integrated in the alt-az mount can be used for tracking. Asking price EUR 400,- ex shipping.
  18. A 32mm Celestron Plossl 'Halloween' and a 26mm is on its way. Then another 20 Kelner and a 12.5 Ultima, so a pretty nice range. Have high hopes with the 32 and 26 although with a f/10 scope the exit pupil will still be rather small (3.2 and 2.6). Cheers, Han
  19. A 90's Celestron C5. Its my first and only scope, selected mainly for the low packing volume (it fits in a 'systainer' case). But reading this topic again I have a question about this. What kind of eyepiece would be considered a 'proper match' for this scope (for observing dso's). And why?
  20. Guess this will be my first addition to the SGL. I'm a newbie and really enjoyed reading about the veil. Guess I will start-off my wishlist with this object. Although I'm not a regular observer here in the most light polluted region of the Neterlands (which scores high on a worldwide scale), I will be looking for it on my next trip to the mountains. Cheers, Han
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