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  1. Thanks Steve, I'll see if I can find a few pennies before the 14th...
  2. A 150P on the EQ3-2. It was ordered a couple of days ago but I won't be able to use it until a week on Friday as a good chunk of the cost is for my birthday. I've tried negotiating to have it earlier but no joy... Also Martin said it may not be here for a few days because of all the stock issues caused by Stargazing Live, so even if it is agreed that i get to use it be before the 14th (which I doubt), it may not even be here! And thanks FLO for the service and patience while I was deciding, I really appreciate it.
  3. Noooooooooo! I was going to get a couple when I get my new scope but I wont get that until the week after. Now I've got to decide whether or not to gamble on which ones to get...
  4. He's a greedy dog, a Laborador, so he probably thinks it's a huge dog biscuit floating in the sky. Either that or hes heard that it's made of cheese...
  5. Fair enough, sorry to whoever you brought it from! I am pretty sure it is the EQ3 mount though. Tom
  6. I have signed up to CalSky, where you can have a variety of emails about the days astronomical events, including the weather that shows a recent satellite image and a detailed forcast for the next few days. sat24.com is also good. As for the actual scope, sounds like it needs collimating to me. Have you got a Cheshire or a laser collimator? Tom
  7. Thanks for these! That first ones probably my favourite though. Tom
  8. Hi Kev, The 150P is supplied with an EQ3-2 mount when new so I assume this is what it has still. As it you got it from a "well known auction site", I would guess that it is reasonably likely the seller was pretty clueless and advertised it as being on an EQ2 mount. Enjoy your new scope! Tom
  9. Looks nice Peter. Can't wait to see some images from it! And as for the cloud, that might be me, I've just ordered a new one... Tom
  10. Pocket Universe is a good one. I think it's about £1.19. Stellarium is good but a bit buggy and slightly confusing to use. It is free though!
  11. Our dog Ozzy always comes out with me. Many times I've noticed him sitting, staring at the moon, he gets really entranced by it, it's quite unnerving to be honest. Having some company outside can have it's downside though, he started having a mad half hour the other week and ran into the table where my EPs were sat. Everything went flying but luckily they had dust caps on so all was well!
  12. I've not got any but the Baader Hyperions are meant to be good. At £90ish they're not cheap but a lot cheaper than some of the alternatives. The FOV isnt as wide as others (68 degress) but wide enogh for many. They also give a range of focal lengths with the fine-tuning rings. Tom
  13. Thanks Jon, didn't think it would be but thought I'd ask the experts on here! Who knows, I may get bored and want to make something in the future but good to know it isn't needed. Tom
  14. Hi, Just ordered my new SW Explorer 150P! Can't wait for it to arrive (and the skies to clear), but was wondering of it is worth me making something so I can attach an old computer cooling fan on the back of it? Would this fan be alright, is it even worth doing on a 6" scope? I also read on another forum that leaving it on just enough to keep it turning can help with the image on planetary viewing, is this true? Thanks! Tom
  15. Thanks for this. Really useful and easy to use.
  16. I've got a 76mm reflector, and another target I'd suggest is M31, the Andromeda Galaxy. It's only a steak with a bright centre, but when you begin to comprehend the size an the distance it is truly mind blowing. Good luck! Tom
  17. Looking at that makes me even more eager to get my 150P, only on the EQ3-2 though. Hope the weather clears soon for you!
  18. I've got both Stellarium for iPad and Pocket Universe HD. Stellerium is better for finding your way to whatever it is your going to look for, but Pocket Universe is great for choosing your targets. I think if I had to pick one I'd go for Stellarium, even though it is quite buggy (still the original release, not updated yet I think). Tom
  19. tomw28

    150P or 150PL?

    Hi and welcome from me as well! One other point the others haven't touched on is the length of the PL on the EQ3-2, assuming thats the mount you would use it on. I've heard that vibrations can be quite a problem on that mount with the length of the f/8. Having spoken to FLO with the same problem as you, they convinced me to go for the P, mainly for the reason above about vibration. Also the length of the tube would probably make carrying a problem, though I am just speculating on that one. Whichever you go for I'm sure it will serve you well! Tom
  20. I saw one shoot right next to Andromeda at 30x. It was absolutely stunning, streaking almost parrelell with the galaxy, really bright, and with the tail hanging around for ages it seemed (well at least a second!). If I remember right it was part of the Gemenids. For me it was definatley one of my most memorable moments with a telescope.
  21. I got a good 2 1/2 hours in last night for the first time since Christmas. The seeing wasn't great but it was CLOUDLESS! Until 10:30 at least...
  22. An IR filter is meant to help clean the image up a bit. Other than that I'm not sure. Tom
  23. I'd go for the P on that mount. As others have pointed out the length will make vibrations an issue. I've been in the exact same dilemma as you recently, and having asked questions on here and speaking to FLO, th general advice has been that the P is much better suited to the mount. Have you spoken to FLO? They would be extremely helpful and help you make up your mind. Tom
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