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  1. If you use the code "MORG5" at the checkout on Morgan Computers, you will get 5% off some products. Unfortunatley it doesn't work if your buying the webcam and accesories seperatley, but if you buy their "Pre-flashed Bundle" including all the adaptor, filter and pre-flashed camera it will work on that and, I think, the postage cost. Overall it saved me about £1.80, which isn't a massive saving, but worth doing, especially as I don't have a Windows XP PC to flash it on. Heres the link for the bundle: Buy Philips Pre flashed SPC880 CCD webcam bundle at Morgan Computers I hope that helps someone! EDIT: Theres also a 10% code, "MORG10", but that doesn't work for the webcam.
  2. I'm finally going to get one, thanks for the heads up. Can anyone tell me if I need the UV/IR filter, or will it be ok without it to begin with? Thanks!
  3. I think a more detailed flight deck is already being worked on for the next update, though I can't promise anything. The virtual cockpit was never really planned to be part of the app, it only came about when full iPad comparability was added. First they tried just scaling up the HUD for the iPad, but that didn't look to great. It was then decided to add a basic, fixed cockpit around the HUD, just a simple window frame. Then they decided to let the user choose the position which required the cockpit to be developed. With the current version, the external view was always the main focus so it was all done with immaculate detail, whereas the previous version (with the cockpit) wasn't as focused on one thing. That said I do think that even the current cockpit is great, though the new one does look even better from what I've seen.
  4. Version 2.0 hit the AppStore about half an hour ago, so if you already own F-SIM, head over to the AppStore now and download the update for free!
  5. For the very last shuttle flight the app has once again been reduced to £0.59. But, after quite a few months of delays, the update to F-SIM should be out during this historic mission, which I think makes this price even better value. In this update the long awaited external views and replays arrive, and I can promise you its been worth the wait. As well as the external views and replays, the rendering code has been completely rewritten, and it now changes the colour of the sky with altitude, models the sun and the moon, as well as the stars, accurately plotted (and including colour!) at night. Also included are virtual onscreen "joysticks" to use instead of the tilt controls, which come in very handy when your bored but in a situation where tilting your phone is a bit obvious! Also modelled are reflections, a dynamic model of shadows for daytime, cloudy and night time landings! As a little preview, here are some screenshots from the update, coming soon...
  6. Typically it was clearing everywhere in the sky, except fot a nice thick blanket of cloud which remained over the south It did clear about 45 mins after it had all finished though, so I did get to see a very normal looking moon! Bring on December!
  7. BBC is saying "partly cloudy" here, so I'm still hopeful.
  8. Hi, why are you dissapointed with those magnifications, or is it the eyepieces themselves that you don't like? I have that scope and, apart from planetary veiwing, find the magnification very good for most things. If you want to get more magnification I would consider an EP with a focal length of about 5-6mm. I have a 6mm which gives 125X, which is good for planetary but can also be barlowed when the conditions alow without pushing the limits of the scope. As for the barlow, I have only used the Skywatcher "Deluxe" one that came with my scope. I'm happy with it, but I don't have anything to compare it too. The Tal's are highly rated as budget barlows, and the Powermates are meant to be brilliant. I wouldn't go for one more than 2.5X though to keep the magnification within the grasp of the scope.
  9. If your finding the finderscope difficult, how about a red dot finder or a Telrad? I've never used one myself, but I've read enough people on here raving about them. Next time I've got a bit of spare cash I'll be getting a Telrad. Nice scope by the way
  10. If you're still looking for volunteers, I'm more than happy. I've done a bit of software testing before so I've got some experience, though not on websites. I mainly run mobile Safari on iPad if that helps.
  11. tomw28


    I don't know for sure, but I would guess it was the Soyuz that launched a couple of days ago. It's due to dock today I think so I would guess it would have been in the vicinity of the station when you saw it. Hopefully someone else will clarify that, but like I said I'm pretty sure it's the Soyuz TMA-02M.
  12. I think the responses to this thread show how grateful everyone is to what FLO does for all of us here, both in keeping the forum running and giving us a brilliant service when aperture fever takes hold or we "need" a new eyepiece. Keep up the good work Steve, and everyone else at FLO, and good luck for the future.
  13. Thanks for the clarification, I thought I could see it but I almost can't believe it so I just assume it's my eyes playing tricks on me. Good to know it was though.
  14. Tonight was the first night I've been able to use 250x and still have a really crisp image. During the moments of really good seeing I think I even got hints of the Cassini division, or was that just wishful thinking with a 6" newt? I even got a "wow, flipping amazing" (or words to that effect )from my dad who isn't usually that bothered.
  15. Nice one Ian. You will post us a picture of the new garden fence for us all to see wont you
  16. Ok, thanks Steve. Fingers crossed then!
  17. It will probably go back up to £1.79 in a couple of days once Endeavour has landed, so if you still want it for £0.59 hurry up!
  18. Are the reviews still being accepted Steve? I added another couple a few days ago (for the 150P on EQ3-2 and the EQ3-2 itself) that haven't gone on. I've already submitted a few so maybe it's not letting me post anymore? Thanks
  19. Sounds a good plan to me! The 130P is meant to me one of the best value scopes for beginners (I have its big brother, the 150P, and its brilliant).
  20. Sounds like a good night! As for illuminating the polar scope, I shine a dim torch down the mount until I get the right angle to illuminate the reticule but still being able to see Polaris. Not ideal but it works... Like you said, I love the reaction of people how have never looked through a telescope before when they see Saturn. They go from looking around embarrassed hoping no one see's them, to screaming like a small child within seconds! I like it as well how over the next few hours they start randomly smiling as they remember what they've seen. It's amazing how in the eyes of first time viewers, astronomy goes from being only for the geekiest people in the world, to one of the coolest things ever! And I'll have to check out "Tip of the Conifer Tree", I've not seen that one before !
  21. That doesn't show you exactly what you'll see through your scope, it just frames a photo of the object as if it were being seen through your scope. The actually image you see will be much, much fainter, as you described. There is a reason the DSOs are known as faint fuzzies . Just think though, that light has been travelling for 30 million years before it got to you and your scope. Thats what I like about DSO's...
  22. If your not keen on the dob, how about the First Light Optics - Skywatcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2 ? I have it on that mount and it is brilliant, its shown me everything I've looked for so far and I'm now absolultey hooked! Heres my review for it: http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-reviews/130071-skywatcher-exlorer-150p-eq3-2-a.html There is also the PL which is the same scope but with a longer focal length, however some people say that the extra tube length is to much for the mount.
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