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  1. Hi Orlander, I used a modified 1000d with an astronomik cls ccd filter in. The exposures were all very short, a couple at 5mins and the rest at 2mins I think.
  2. Thanks Tom, yeah am pretty happy with it, think I needed a few more longer exposures though just to get that fainter detail.
  3. Hi, I know it's probably a little early to be imaging this target, but as the months go on this target will be obscured by the massive trees in my neighbours garden, so I thought I would give it a try early this morning. http://www.flickr.co...in/photostream/ Graham.
  4. Thanks guys, the wedge is working very well, what's more suprising is that my neximager is working very well as a guide cam. Although I have a counter weight on, it's not perfectly balanced, but 8 min exposures are working atm. Anything longer and I seem to have to make the odd manual adjustment whilst it's guiding, only in one direction though, so it's definately a balance issue. Graham.
  5. I loved your shot of Sardinia. The only thing I could think of, which may not improve the shot, would be to take a dark frame with the same settings and process it in DSS. Graham.
  6. I think its out of focus, but I'm no expert. What I always do is rough focus on a bright star 1st (through the viewfinder) then live view focus, magnify and perfect. Seems to work for me.
  7. 2 weeks ago I recieved the new celestron HD Pro Wedge for my CPC 800. As luck would have it, we have had clouds ever since it arrived. Last night was no exeption, however there was a clearish spell early on in the night. I managed to setup and sneak a few shots in between clouds. I managed 8 x 5 minute exposures, guided with a neximager and PHD (which doesnt work too great). Heres a link to the result http://www.flickr.com/photos/80299219@N08/7935684130/sizes/l/in/photostream/ Am quite happy with this, as it's my first real attempt now I have all the equipment. Now I'm itching for a real clear
  8. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has tried, and if there is any benefit from using 2 uhc type filters together. What am getting at, sometimes just using my astronomik cls clip filter is not quite enough to get rid of sky glow. Would there be any benefit in using a 2" uhc filter in conjuction with this. Or is this counter-productive? Graham
  9. Hi Roger, have you tried doing a mosiac with your DSLR, very simple, around 4 shots needed overlapping, then just hit the automate command in photoshop and photomerge. Here is an example of one I took a while ago, literally only takes a few minutes. http://www.flickr.com/photos/80299219@N08/7544718578/in/photostream Graham
  10. Welcome Wouter Please let me know if you ever manage to find a location in Belgium that has dark skies. I too live in Belgium. Graham.
  11. Very nice, I plan on trying to image this target next chance I get.
  12. Brantuk, thanks for the help and advise with regards to this. I'm now just waiting for a clear night to get out and test this setup. Regards, Graham.
  13. Thanks Mark, I have set it up as suggested, it seems stable, although it did seem stable the way I had it also. The way I had it set up was the suggested way for my latitude (50 deg) from the celestron manual. Also from reading guides/watching youtube vids, it seems that both ways of setting this up (one leg to the north or one to the south) are the required ways to set it up correctly. Seems like the community of wedge users are split as to which way it should be. Regards, Graham.
  14. Hi, just need some clarification as to whether this wedge is setup correctly, particulary in regard to the orientation of the wedge. The other query is with the wedge side plates. I have shifted them forward, was this a good idea or not? Should I shift them back? Attatched thumbnails showing setup. There are so many conflicting guides out there as to what way to do it to prevent it toppling over.
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