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  1. Here's my efforts from the last couple of clear nights. Ngc 3718 and ngc3729 SW250px, modded Canon 1000d, CLS filter 55x 5 mins, ISO800, darks and flats I seem to have clipped it in the histogram, I sometimes manage this and have no clue how I'm doing it. Most processing is done in images plus (digital development) which may or may not be the culprit. I use photoshop to crop, flatten the field illumination and just a few tweaks in curves. Anyways thanks for watching. Nice to enjoy some cler nightage! :-)
  2. If that is the case all is not lost ... Transit of Mercury, Live Webcast. but if it is cloudy, of course, I will now blame you
  3. Has anyone had experience with using the Orion starshoot guider through a 900mm refractor scope for guiding? Is this an ideal focal length? Or does it make it hard to find guide stars with the smaller FoV? A friend of mine used the starshoot as a kit with a small focal length scope that fitted on a finder bracket. As he was guiding alongside his c9.25, the combination just wasn't working well due to the difference in focal lengths between scope and guide scope so now he's looking at longer focal length scopes. any advice, suggestions would be great thanks
  4. Hi All As most of us are probably resided in Europe at this precise moment, we may well miss the total solar eclipse that's occurring in Indonesia tonight/tomorrow. However all is not lost, there's always a Live Webcast to save the day! It starts at 11pm GMT tonight (08th March) ending at 1am on 9th Total Solar Eclipse 2016 Live Webcast .. if you are fortunate enough to be somewhere in Indonesia/The Pacific.. good luck to you all and have a great eclipse! Cheers
  5. Thanks for the help everyone, I'll try to obtain earlier versions than 0.14.0 from somewhere
  6. No, I've tried various resolutions and made sure they match in the default_config.ini just incase too. Still no joy :\ The box happends to be the exact width and length of the two menu's both of which seem to be working fine in both axis, its just the whiteish grey background remains when the menu's hide back.
  7. Hi Having just installed stellarium 0.14.2 on to my windows vista (eeek.. yes I know...) laptop, stellarium shows this annoying white boxed area on launch (screenshot below). I've tried everything to get rid of it to no avail... including running in Direct3D modes, debug mode, disabling plugins, replaceing all configuration files to original (via the installer), turning all the various viewing options off etc. Just cant get rid. Has anyone else come across this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  8. I was showing a friend today all the brilliant things that eqmod can do for my EQ6 mount and he is totally sold. However, he has a celestron Advance GT GEM mount and eqmod won't work with these mounts. He uses Celestron's Nexremote software with stellariumScope but there's no wizzy options such as disabling meridian flip or specifying mount limits etc. Does anyone know of a Celestron compatible alternative that can work in a similar way as EQMod?
  9. I have to agree, take the telescope out of the equation, you can't really capture the true beauty of comets in such a narrow field of view.
  10. I too have struggled with combining the two sets on Comets. It's best to have a good look on here and google for more advice. Although it makes the task a little easier with its special comet combine function, I find DSS a bit hit and miss.
  11. I'm still waiting for Catalina to reach respectable hours of the evening skies. She's almost there. As you may have guessed I'm, not an early bird )
  12. Nice to see you bagged Comet Catalina. I'm still yet to get this (I'm not an early bird) :-)
  13. Even with the Chelyabinsk meteor which reached much further down in to the atmosphere than normal, there was a good two minute delay from the visual explosion to the shockwave blast. It was between 9-12 miles above the ground when it disintegrated. The speed of sound (761mph) may seem fast but compared to the speed of light? You probably get the idea.
  14. A friend of mine has just bought a WO Zenithstar 71 and needs to get his Orion Starshoot autoguider attached to the rig somehow. Its normally held in a finderscope bracket. The zenithstar does not have a finderscope bracket socket anywhere on it. Does anyone know how to solve this dilemma? Any help most welcomed Cheers
  15. By 5pm tomorrow (closest approach) it should lie in Ursa Major in the North West? Cheers
  16. Asteroid 2015 TB145 is pretty big and gets reasonably close on 31st making it a candidate for backard telescopes. Any takers for a spooky challenge ? Looking at it another way, It's a mighty fine excuse to stay in the back garden while the trick or treaters bang at your door .
  17. It's expected to possibly reach magnitude 10 so no problems imaging it if you know where to point your scope. Tracking it is certainly going to be the 'tricky' bit (halloween pun intended )) It's going eat up a whole lot of sky throughout the day going at some pace. More details here with more info on the asteroids path.
  18. Wonderful post, thanks for sharing. This forum helped me immensly in my first year, and still does now in my 10th :-)
  19. Another observer from Somerset. Couldn't see a thing (outside of my imagination anyway!) . Seems like you had to be at least North of Latitude 52.5 to see it.
  20. Only a month to go. Sounds like Comet Catalina will be a bit tricky to observe until December. It certainly wont stop me from trying though!
  21. High pressure over the UK .. lovely
  22. Should getting up at 1 in the morning be all in vain in the early hours of Monday.... there's always the trusty webcast to save the night. http://www.solareclipse2015.org.uk/live-webcast/ Bookmarked JUST incase
  23. I've often wonder when the police helicopter is flying around if they mistake my 250px for a SAM launcher lol.
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