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  1. Thanks, Gym bag is a quick fix i had not considered. It is currently back in its original box wrapped in bubble wrap so anything is better than this :). I will be sure to look at the brands you have suggested too. Thank you! Happy to have joined here and hoping there is lots I can learn. Funny you mention toolbox, I am a welder by trade and had ideas of fabricating a case. Although I only have access to stainless and carbon steel for now, so could be very heavy and not ideal for transporting it around. Could still be a cool idea for in the home though. Hi! My tube is approx 8-
  2. Hello, I am very new to astronomy (and the forum). I recently purchased a Celestron Astromaster 102AZ refractor telescope. As it's summer, i am yet to try it out properly. I am currently planning to do a bit of wild camping when the skies start to get darker. Before I embark on any trips I wish to purchase a protective case for my scope. I have looked around and even the Celestron website does not have a case for my scope available. Looking for advice on cases or good retailers for accessories. I live in Scotland, I have always been a fan of buying things face to face but will buy online if ne
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