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  1. Another vote for the Baader Neodymium (Moon & Skyglow) filter. Had good results with it.
  2. Awesome, love the detail on the icecap.
  3. First capture of Mars using a Maksutov 127/1900, variable projection eyepiece 6mm. Canon 700D. Got my scope mid-June and started with astrophotography last month. Processed in PIPP, AS3 and Registax6. Icecap pops out bit too much but I didn't want to mess with it as I was quite happy with the rest. Registax6 wavelets are still a bit black magic to me at the moment.
  4. Just bought the Baader 7-24 for my Meade 127 Mak. I recommend it. Good optics and no need to switch eyepieces.
  5. Thanks everyone for the advice. Definitely leaning towards to Baader Zoom. yesterday evening I decided to give the 32mm Plössl another try before deciding what to do with it. Surprisingly combined with the 0,5x it gave great views with hardly any issues (except at the edges). Ended up using it most of the night at random moving through the sky awaiting to stumble onto something It did a great job on the double cluster in Perseus. Doubting again what a 40mm with 0,5x could do there. As a Mak is a bit like looking through a straw. The initial plan was to spend most of the time on th
  6. Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I'm in Poland.
  7. Hi all, I am looking into reorganizing my EP collection as I fell into the trap over over-buying EPs on AliExpress, I have a Meade Mak 127/1900 f/15 scope. Most of the time its used in a light polluted area Bortle 8-ish with only stars unto Mag 3,5 easily visible with the naked eye. At the moment I have: Meade 26mm and 9.7mm that came with the scope. SVBONY 6mm, 15mm "redline" SVBONY 12mm, 32mm plossl (I find the 32 mm quite difficult to use as I need to hover my eye in a precise spot to avoid black areas) SVOBONY 18mm 72dg SWA 2x Barlow and 0,5x reducer
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