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    Thought this one was appropriate. Ooops. Profile picture should have changed to Little Miss Star.
  2. Managed to see the ISS last night for the first time. How lucky it was for me that I could see Discovery as well. Even Mr Daisydoo was suitably impressed.
  3. Hi Guys. I'm after your advice again. Used the scope Monday night with no problems ( apart from the power tank running low on charge . Recharged power tank over night & set up scope last night, but when using the directional buttons on the handset the scope moved left & right with no problems, but struggled to move up & down at a decent rate. It sounded like it didn't have enough power to move it properly. I have doubled checked the slewing speeds & also reset the handset back to factory setting but to no avail. Any ideas how to rectify this?
  4. Clear here in Leeds earlier. Scope set up & aligned. A brief peak at M42 & have now been ushered inside by the clouds.
  5. This year is the first I have observed Orions Nebula. It is already a firm favourite.
  6. Husband & I have booked a cottage in a small village in Northumberland for a week this June. Less light pollution than where I live, so a great opportunity to take the scope on a little holiday as well, for DSO hunting. Although have just noticed that particular week there is a full moon . Obviously moon phases needs to be added to my ever expanding holiday criteria list.
  7. Tonight is the first time I've been able to get out with my new scope. I managed successsfuly to align it using 3 stars. I set it to slew to M42 which it did do . However when I set it to slew to a second object it pointed in the wrong direction,usually towards the zenith. I tried this several times & the outcome was similar. Any ideas what I need to do to help rectify this? On a positive note M42 looked beautiful & enchanting.
  8. I'll be doing this tonight if it stays clear. I think you are supposed to include the stars in his belt.
  9. Hi Rich & Abi. Welcome to SGL. I'm based in Methley, so just down the road from you.
  10. Hi Claire. Welcome to SGL from West Yorkshire. Like you I only got a telescope last year, so still finding my feet but loving every minute.
  11. Well done. I have spent ages trying to locate those two, but have yet to do so.
  12. Hi & welcome from an ex Salopian.
  13. I've decided to treat myself to a new scope, so have just ordered a Celestron 9.25 CPC from FLO, along with a few accessories. (Thanks to Martin for his patience in dealing with my numerous questions). This hobby has sure got me addicted. Anyway I'm confident I'll miss the "New Scope Cloudy Sky curse " because I'm working night shifts next week.
  14. Hello & welcome to SGL.
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