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  1. Hey Folks... So I'm looking for what seems to be the defacto standard for entry level astro cameras... I'm looking to spend 200 dollars on a t3i to 250 on a t5i. If you have one that is already modded for the filter removed, that'd be even better! Feel free to PM me on here <private contact details removed>
  2. Again Thanks a bunch...ugh.. now I already ordered the regular IR/UV filter, but without the LP..ugh, now I may have to return and reorder the CCD version
  3. Thanks so much! So what about this one: https://optcorp.com/products/astronomik-cls-eos-aps-c It doesn't say anything about IR/UV filtration...but it does say CLS...
  4. lol, I'm curious why it's a bizzare post? Lol but thanks for the response...So would you say that it's just better in general to go with the LP filter over a normal IR/UV filter? Since it cuts both ?
  5. So...a question...let's say you want to shoot in a slightly light polluted area...but you also want to use the IR/UV cut filter...how can you use both then? You can only apply one filter at a time...so are is this a sort of 'pick your poison'? So you can't have IR/UV filtered along with Light pollution as well? For example here: https://expertphotography.com/best-astrophotography-filters/ There's a ton of great filters...but how is it possible if you need a light pollution filter because of the area you're in..but you also want to cut IR/UV ? It seems like you can only do one at a time. Thanks all..
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