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  1. How do you find GSO barlow.. i bought for my celestron 130eq but it makes my 20mm hazy when using... Is celestron Omni better than GSO ???
  2. I just bought GSO ED 3x Barlow but it makes 20mm quite hazy when i see jupiter or saturn... Do u think theres a problem with Barlow.. or something else... ...
  3. Thru 26mm i guess even moon cannot fill up the entire eyepiece...try adjusting the focus knob...
  4. Thanks @Philip R pleasure being here Im viewing Jupiter and Saturn which is at gr8 position for me Living in India... 10mm ep with 3x barlow pulls up 195x mag which i thought is still lower than company claimed 307x max useful magnification... Correct me if im wrong plz..
  5. Very valid point.... I was actually wondering why my field of view is narrow with 20mm... Probably gonna buy a 25mm or 32 mm.. That will also help me bring it closer to a more useful magnification with 3x barlow.... Does anyone suggest to buy a 6mm or 8mm plossl... Instead of using a 10mm stock..
  6. Hi i own Celestron 130EQ which comes with 20mm erect EP and 10mm EP.... i bought a GSO ED 3x Barlow... The focus is not very sharp while using Barlow... Is it the EP at fault ???? Is it worth upgrading to Kelner or a Plossl ????
  7. Hi guys ! I bought celestron 130Eq a 15 days back and being viewing Jupiter and Saturn daily... Jupiter is much sharper with 20mm stock EP than 10mm stock.... But ever since i bought 3x GSO ED barlow terrestrial views are very sharp but none of astro views are sharp... .. are the stock EP worth replacing with Plossl ones... Or current windy weather playing spoil sport ????? TIA
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