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  1. I could not see the veil in my 5 inch dob last night using a 30mm Vixen NPL. Tried with and without the Astronomik UHC filter
  2. You have almost an identical setup to me. I hear good things about the ES 24mm 68. I have an Astronomik UHC but not really used it yet. I believe the veil nebula is in Cygnus which is easily visible from my back garden. I will try and use it this week and let you know. I certainly can't see it with the naked eye or without filter at Bottle 6. I owned the baader mkiv zoom but didn't like it. Too narrow fov for me (some people are ok with that) Baader classic orthos are very good for planetary work. My next EP will almost certainly be a low power wide fov. 68 or 82.
  3. Not been there but it looks like it would be decent, weather permitting.
  4. I used this technique to good effect with the M31 Andromeda galaxy.
  5. According to nightshift app conditions are excellent tonight between 21:30 and 02:00. I think I might have found a good site with low light pollution. Although not a Dark site. Will let you know how I get on.
  6. Hi All I have been upgrading my ep collection and currently have a BST 8,12 and Vixen NPL 30mm I just purchased a BST 3.2mm because I'm struggling to find the BST 5mm. Do you think this is too much for this scope? (Haven't received it yet by the way) 3.2mm would give 203x in this scopes FL of 650mm. It's a big jump from the next ep down of 8mm (81x) Or does it depend on good seeing conditions? Steve Edit: when I say 'too much' I mean for planetary observing.
  7. I am still in hope the light at the back of my house gets a shield. I will keep you posted.
  8. How do you archive this post. No longer looking for this. I haven't found one but I think they are going for higher than I can offer. Thanks
  9. I had the baader mkiv Hyperion zoom and barlow. I didn't like it at all. Too narrow fov. The clicks are very subtle. Have to refocus a lot between focal lengths. Image appeared too dim compared to BST and Vixen NPL ep's. I returned mine
  10. Astronomik 1.25 UHC filter has been found. Thanks to HollyHound
  11. I bought a rigel collimation cap and have collimated my 130p but only by adjusting the knobs on the primary mirror. At what point do I use or need to adjust the secondary mirror knobs? Thanks.
  12. I actually filed a light pollution issue with my council. Hopefully they will do the same. Same light type LED.
  13. But your scopes are F10 and F9.3. As John said, the 25mm BST is not as good in faster scopes F5.
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