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  1. Louis can you please recommend me a Goto telescope, on my budget. 450 to 500 Thank you for helping me out. X
  2. Thank you so much! My budget is £450 maximum 500. I would like to "see, " Planets, deep-sky objects. Im still a little confused, about wich one to go for manually or GOTO. Really appreciate your kindness and your help. Thanks and sorry for my English.
  3. Hello everyone please l need a bit of advice and help to choose my first telescope. Im thinking to buying the celestron Astro Fl 5 Schmidt Cassegrain. But looking of the people reviews, they said that they've had lots of problems with WiFi connection. My another telescope choice is the Celestron NexStar 4SE Computerised Telescope. Wich one are you guys recommend me? Thank you so much.
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