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  1. Just a quick update We finally decided to buy a Skyshed Pod. We are quite lucky that we are tucked away in a corner where we live. So apart from our neighbours and the neighbours at the back of garden we seem to be quite secure ..I think, time will tell. It went together just like it said on the tin and with frequent rewinds on the DVD provided it was not too difficult a job. (a few kicks and gentle taps with a trusty hammer didnt go a miss at times I have to say) We are really happy with the decision although it took us weeks to make it and quite a few weeks for the delivery of the Pod but we got there in the end. We just need clear skies now Trish & Colin
  2. Our SkyShed Pod arrived safely in early April after months of deliberating over RORO or SkyShed and then waiting for the delivery of it from Altair Astro. Luckily we had some time booked off work ready for the build so we were ready to go. I have to say we had never taken on a project like this before so it was all brand new to us and we were a little nervous. We had dug out a 2'x2'x3' deep hole which we filled with concrete and built a frame around the hole ready to insert the fixing bolts for the pier into the final mix. I am more than relieved to say that it all went according to plan. While we were waiting for the concrete to set we started making the frame for the decking and screw on the decking boards ready to mount the Pod on. Next came the really exciting part - building the Pod. This was as easy as they said it would be. With a little persuasion (a kick & a thump with rubber mallet) all the bits went together. The DVD was really helpful we watched a part of it then paused it and went out and did that section, watched some more and so on. We still have some tidying up to do round the outside of the decking but thats about all. We are at the stage now where we are faffing with lights etc and are about ready to bolt it down (although we are waiting for a few more nights viewing to make sure that we dont need to offset it anymore) and seal it to the deck. We have a couple of good nights rain here and so far (fingers crossed) we are leak free although for safety we are keeping a lightweight tarp over the scope & mount...just in case. One smallish worry at the mo is that at this time of year in the Pod we cannot see much in Ursa Major this is due to trees and the dome hiding the Zenith at that point. If we offset it much more the scope will be too close to the wall. We are now waiting patiently for clear skies! Trish & Colin
  3. Thanks for your advice. We are like a couple of kids and can't wait to get on with it all before we have to go back to work. We have dug a metre deep hole and filled it with concrete, bought the Altair Astro pier & kit so it should be a good stable mount for our EQ6. Our only fear at the moment is have we offset the pier enough (but not too much). Any way all will become clear very soon. Hope you have lots of clear skies Trish & Colin
  4. Hi Fatwoul Snap! our pod arrived Saturday 23rd April. Your pictures are great. We too have a week off work this week so will get the pod assembled and useable by next weekend. It's good news that you found it not too difficult to assemble. We are watching the dvd tonight but have to wait for the decking boards to arrive before we can get on with it. We had plans to do the assembly and then lift the pod on ...er not going to happen now as we have felt the weight and dont want to pull it around too much. It was a lovely surprise as it wasnt expected to be delivered until Tuesday. We hope you have years of happy observing Regards Trish & Colin (Hull)
  5. Now that is spooky Rob... We have just been reading all the posts on RORO and it does make you think about the security aspect of a dome. It actually looks like there is expensive equipment in it whereas a RORO is not quite so obvious. Decisions, decisions...really difficult one Trish & Colin
  6. Hi Now we have our final house we have decided to build/buy an observatory this year. For convenience sake and looks we really like the Pulsar dome. The DIY kit is a lot cheaper than the full jobby (about £1200) and for the sake of building the walls for it the saving is worth having. Q. Does anyone have any experience of building an obs based around the Pulsar DIY kit please? Its scary to spend that much money so we need to be sure its the right choice between the two options. We have considered the ROR type but prefer the weather and light protection of the dome. We look forward to your comments on this Thank You Trish & Colin
  7. Hi Wayne Well done! What an amazing obsy.You have inspired us with your fantastic project and helped us make the decision to build our own R.O.R very soon ...like starting tomorrow if I had my way. It is a beautiful obs and a real credit to you and all your hard work. Thank you for sharing your build with us. We hope you have many many years of viewing and wish you clear skies Trish & Colin
  8. Hi We are about to replace our Nexstar 6SE with a set up better suited to astrophotography. We have almost decided on the Celestron 9.25 OTA and either the HEQ5 Pro mount or the EQ6 Pro mount. Common sense tells us we need the EQ6 for best results in imaging but...we live in a second floor flat with no lifts! We would welcome any advice/opinions on either of these mounts and of the choice between them. Many Thanks Trish & Colin
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