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  1. Sorry for interupt but I have a question about https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/lynx-astro-ftdi-eqdir-usb-adapter-for-sky-watcher-eq5-pro-heq5-syntrek-pro-az-eq5-gt-az-eq6-gt-and-eq8-mounts.html Do I need the handset for connect to the pc?...or I can just do it only via handcontrol port ( I will upload a picture ) So it will be just connection from handcontrol port without handset to the pc via lynx astro ftdi eqdir. Or I need the usb adapter.
  2. Still some parts available I will update the photos of parts left this week.
  3. Hi to everyone who can help me I have a problem with the synscan wifi adaptor. I have eq5 mount with goto system. My wifi adapter working with my phone there is not a problem with it. Working also on my computer but only with the sysnscan app. I can't connect mount via phd2 or cartes du ciel or stellarium. Or I can connect but my mount can't move. I switched connection via pc to phone and the mount working properly. I just want to connect my eq5 via wifi to the pc and use it on any working program like phd2(etc.) I downloaded many of the programs. Nothing. There is any chance that my mount can work via wifi adapter ? If yes there is anyone who can explain to me step by step how can I do it. I did not found any information about how is that possible.
  4. In the flo page they said that it doesn't work with eq6. I sold that. The topic can be closed. Or If I can do it just let me know how ;D
  5. I have for sell synscan skywatcher wifi adaptor. Used but in excellent condition. £50+postage. Bought from rlo
  6. Any problem just message me or ask here ( message will be better becasue I see the email if someone is trying to contact with me)
  7. Blue color- still have it. Red color -dont have it. I am selling the skywatcher eq5 mount never has a dual axis driver ( selling individualy) or goto system. I bought that mount second hand and tourns out the dec arm was bend I didn't know about it until I bought it. So I am selling only few bits left from dec arm in good working condition. Without bend dec arm to be fair.
  8. Sorry for not responding for so long, I am little bit busy this days. I sold few parts from it. Give me few minutes I will update the photos. And I can't give the price for parts individualy because I am selling everything what someone need ... So the prices can start from £1 (depends which part) to £80 for all left +postage (only eq5 mount). But for the dual axis driver price everybody see (£110+ postage) Good point Paul M. I will give the photos what missing as well and what I don't have. I was trying to make an upgrade and add the few new things but I find that the my DEC arm was bend ...and there is no one who can made me second DEC arm so I bought another mount and collect missing parts from mount I am selling ...and thats why I am selling my older one. Really sorry for not responding I will try to be more in here and answers every questions you asks.
  9. For sale full new set of bearings for eq5 mount £35+postage
  10. I have for sale eq5 for parts ( see pictures) for the price please ask For sale new never used just opened dual axis driver ( pictures) for £110+postage
  11. Send me a email if this is still available a.a.deptula@gmail.com
  12. Hi, I am intresting for the mount without the tripod if this is possible? How much it will be cost ?if this is still available
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