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  1. Hi John, thanks for getting in touch.

    Your setup looks impressive. I've never used a goto mount (just manual) so looking forward to trying it. 

    The app also is a good idea, I guess with that you don't need to use the handset anymore. 

    Like I said my mount is a Celestron Cg5 which I'm told is the same as a Eq5. So if I can get a goto upgrade for it it will be a lot cheaper than buying a new tripod/mount

    I have read though that a goto on a Eq5 with a 8" scope might not give as smooth a tracking as a lighter scope, but I guess a lighter scope could be a future investment if it turns out to be the case


  2. Hi, 

    Sorry if this has already been asked ( I think it would have been, there are posts similar but can't see the the answer I'm looking for) 

    I have a celestron C8-N scope that came with a Cg5 mount,  it's at least 10 years old and although it had a lot of use to start with it's been gathering dust the last few years. 

    So I would like to fit a motorised goto mount to it and was considering a synscan  pro3 for an Eq5 mount. 

    Can someone tell me are these 2 mounts the same and if so will the synscan be OK for my Cg5 mount. 

    If not are there any others I should look at? 


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