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  1. Thanks gaz, I have put them in the basket, How long does it last in general?
  2. Alz7147


    hi from dukinfield Manchester UK, A brand new virgin star gazer... Plenty of very good information on here to help out people like me... Looking forward to reading through this forum... Regards Alan.
  3. hi all, My first post, I generally just read about things that I'm not to sure about..... So I'm a brand new virgin gazer...i have purchased a celestron se8, I currently set it in the garden, weather permitted, Manchester always dull....... So I use an extension lead for the power pack..however I do have a few trees, a rifle range wall in the way of some viewing.... But if I walk up to a hill near to my house I can have a very good all round viewing point. But I don't fancy pulling an extension lead from the house, some 800mtrs... What 12v power bank could I
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