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  1. im just wondering as to how you get to see deep space nebulae and if they look like the one paul has just photographed
  2. if anyone happens to know when great astronomical this are going to be able to be seen in the sky could you give me a heads up please
  3. HawkEyes

    the new guy

    hey im new to astronomy and really enjoying it so far. the only thing is that the weather can be a right pain. i have had great viws of mars, moon, saturn and venus (to an extent)
  4. that is exactly what happened to me, it took me the whole of the first night to fighure it all out and the next night offered brilliant views of saturn and 2 of its moon along with the moon in incredible detail. i have just got to say that the most fustrating thing about astronomy is the weather; its a real pain
  5. well i only know that venus is very far away from us at this time of year and u may notice `shards` of light eminating from the sphere. to fix this you will either need to buy a filter; you would need to look into which one over the internet or just wait until venus is closer to the earth later on in the year.
  6. HawkEyes

    hi everybody

    im new to this whole social networking system. i have just bought a sky watchers explorer 200p eq5. i have sorted the mechanics of the scope after two days, and just when we get it sorted completely, the sky was completely clouded over.although yesturday i had a cracking view of saturn with its moon in amazing clarity with astonishing detail.
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