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  1. Update. The mount started to crash on the synscan pro app as well. Tried new batteries, changed the WIFI channel, switched off home WIFI. Contacted suppliers and agreed its faulty. Maybe new unit will work better. Thanks for your help. Dave
  2. Must admit I haven't switched off my router and yes both devices set not to go to sleep.
  3. Well I tried Stu's advice unfortunately still didn't work so I downloaded Luminos. Had a modicum of success but it kept dropping WIFI connection so I might throw it all over the cemetery at the bottom of the garden. I might leave it till the weekend and into next week when I am furloughed again to have another play. Thanks for all advice. I will keep you updated. Dave
  4. Hi Stu. Are you saying click on the Synscanlink as opposed to synscan?
  5. Hi All. So I am having problems connecting AZ-GTI and Sky Safari plus using iphone and ipad. Try as i might SS+ will not connect to scope. I've checked and checked all settings on both devices as per instructions ie: IP address of phone - into SS+ with port 11882 and all i get is cannot connect to scope. I have connected phone and ipad as per other peoples advice but no joy. If I bought an android tablet can this be alone ? Any help would be appreciated. Dave
  6. Thank you all for your greetings.
  7. Hi i'm Dave. I'm a complete newbie in the world of night sky gazing so I may need help along the way. I will be doing Astrophotography with my Sony A7iii and various lenses up to 400mm. I've just bought a Skywatcher AZ-GTI mount and wedge for use in EQ mode, so there is a distinct possibility that I will need help in the near future. Hope to talk to people later. Regards Dave
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