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  1. Processed in Photoshop. Stretched individual channels -> SHO Chanel combination -> Levels adjustment -> Curves -> Saturation/Hue -> Noise Reduction -> Star minimization -> 66% Luminosity layer Ghost of Cassiopeia.tif
  2. All of that makes sense. I really appreciate your input. Thank you, Vlad
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy some NB filters and wanna make the best decision. 1. Does the size of the filter impacts the quality of the image? (is it a big impact?) 2. I know that lower HBW is best, but... for example: does the difference between 35nm and 7nm is worth the price? 3.Can you recommend some H-alpha, OIII, SII? Thank you in advance! Cheers, Vlad
  4. Hello, You can only use it on one of the individual channels (R,G or B ). Here is a nice video about image processing that also includes SiriL. Cheers, Vlad
  5. Download won't start. Apparently, the link provided by @vlaiv worked. Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, I've read about Starnet++ lately and I wanna give it a try. Tried to get it from here but there are some issues. It seems like I can't find any viable kit. I would really appreciate if someone can provide a link to download. Thank you, Vlad
  7. Thank you for the data! Processed with SiriL and PS. Steps: Channel Combination>Curves>Levels>Saturation/Hue>Vibrance>Curves>Noise Reduction>Unsharp Mask>Star minimization>Luminance layer Good luck everyone, Vlad
  8. Didn't modified the camera and I don't intend to do. I bought the camera from a local store. I'm pretty sure you can find some decent gear online in UK.
  9. Hello and welcome I'm using a Canon 450D that was bought at 200$. I'm pleased with it (as a beginner). About the magnification you can probably find some useful information here. Also, http://astronomy.tools/calculators/field_of_view/ has some nice features. Clear skies, Vlad
  10. Congratulations! Looking forward for the next data release.
  11. Thank you all for sharing your opinions. This tool looks powerful, but I don't know if I want to pay $60 for it. Not for the moment. Clear skies, Vlad
  12. Hello everyone! I'm really new to astrophotography and image processing. I've worked with Photoshop on some DSO images in the last days. I saw a lot of people using astronomy tools actions set. Is this worth buying? Does it make some major differences? Thank you, Vlad
  13. I'm so glad I made a good impression. I thought M31 is a failure, with that bright stain in the lower right. Now, all that positive feedback made me happy. I'll consider stacking with no darks as you have suggested and also lowering the ISO. The next step is to get some gear for guiding. Thank you all for your feedback. I really appreciate it!
  14. I will go with more calibration files for the next session. I guess StarGaZine is a YouTube channel. Thank you so much!
  15. Didn't think about it. I'm sorry about that. Here are the resized pictures
  16. Hello everyone! These are my first DSO photos. Also, this is the second time I've used Adobe Photoshop. My purpose for this thread is to share with you my first try and to gather constructive feedback, to help me improve my skills (use of equipment, stacking, image processing, etc.) M31 - Andromeda Galaxy Imaging telescope: William Optics Zenithstar 61 Imaging camera: Canon 450D Mount: ES EXOS-2 PMC8 (unguided) Field Flattener: William Optics ZS61 A Software: DSS, Siril and Adobe Photoshop Lights: 75 x 60s ISO 800 Darks: 15 Flats: 20 Bias: 20 Andromeda 07.1
  17. Thanks everyone, for the warm welcome.
  18. Hello, 3 weeks ago I got my first scope, an Achro Skywatcher 120/1000mm EvoStar BD. I've been able to see some nice views over Jupiter, Saturn and also Mars (it was so low in the sky that I barely saw it). Hope to see some nebulas tonight . I'm sure I will learn lots of things on this forum . I'm glad to be here ! Cheers, Vlad
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